Can Dogs Eat Lentils? What You Need to Know!

Can Dogs Eat Lentils

Are you looking for a healthy diet for your dog? Or you’ve been wondering how to choose the right food for your Dog? Is your Dog Not too much of a fan of packaged dog food? 

Don’t worry, in this article we’ll take a look on one of the healthiest diets your dog could ever have. 

You must have heard about a lot of dog foods, and we know you must be confused to settle down on one. 

Can Dogs Eat Lentils
Can Dogs Eat Lentils

While some may have the benefits of probiotics and others might have benefits of proteins, vitamins, omega fatty acids all packed in one. 

But one can never deny the benefits of naturally available super-healthy and nutrient rich legumes. 

So here we are to sway away all your confusions and jump onto some benefits of Lentils. 

Yes. You heard that right! Lentils! 

We know your thoughts here, “can dogs have lentils?” And “Are lentils good for dogs?”

Well, let’s find out!

We are sure, the table gave you a gist of all that you’ve been looking for. 

It seems every dog, just like us humans, has different choices when it comes to food. 



Dogs can eat pretty much anything, but some foods might not suit your dog and it is always advisable to take your vet’s opinion before starting on to any new food item.

Can Dogs Eat Lentils


Lentils being one of the healthiest legumes have a lot of nutritional value. It IS rich source of plant-based protein, iron, zinc and high fiber. 

Lentils have become a favourite to a lot of healthy eaters because of their potential nutritional value. But, till now, it was more accurate for human.

Do you know, Nature has taken care of all the species on this earth.

Considering that unscrample the facts on  “can dogs have lentils?” And “are lentils good for dogs?”

And the answer to it is – Of course, they can!  And definitely lentils are good for your dogs.

Right To Diet !

Being a dog owner, you might be wanting to incorporate healthy foods in your pet’s diet and lentils should be your go-to.

Dogs can eat them with relative safety and can also reap some of the benefits from it. 

With that being mentioned, when it comes to feeding your dog lentils also have some of  their pros and cons. (Let’s look a bit later on the cons)

Starting with the pros first.

Are lentils good for dogs?

Lentils provide extra nutritional value to your dog’s diet. They are an excellent source in maintaining your dog’s digestive system. 


Can Dogs Eat Lentils

Lentils  generally contain low-calorie,and  high-fiber content which helps your dog to stay fuller for a longer period of time. 

With the meaningful levels of  the below mentioned nutrients, lentils make a great source of dog food. 

  • Fiber
  • Iron/folate
  • Magnesium 
  • Potassium 
  • Copper 
  • Zinc 
  • Vitamins (B1, B3, B5, and B6)

Some of the health benefits of lentils can be notes as – 

  • The beans have low sugar content and this allows lentils to be given to dogs with Diabetes. 
  • Lentils also keep your dog feeling hydrated.
  • As they are rich in iron, blood levels are maintained (as iron is important for the formation of haemoglobin), and can also assist iron deficiency. 
  • Lentils are a great source of energy and provide all the necessary amount of iron to keep your furry friend active throughout the day.
  •  Iron also maintains blood levels to an adequate amount. 
  • High amounts of antioxidants (selenium and some essential minerals) make lentils best for the overall health of your canine buddy. 
  • These antioxidants are mostly not found in any other foods and helps in preventing inflammation and also improves the immune system of your dog. 
  • Selenium detoxifies cancer causing compounds and reduces the chances of cancer causing cholesterol. 
  • Lentils are low in fats and calories and helps to keep cholesterol at bay. 

But, as mentioned earlier, there’s some cons to it:

If taken in excess, lentils might cause gastrointestinal discomfort to your pet, and this is due to the high-fiber content in lentils. 

As right said, ‘excess of everything is bad’

Raw lentils contain a glycoprotein in large quantities, called as the “Lecitin” which is the cause of intestinal absorption and also produce toxicity in the stomach by enhancing bacterial growth.

Lentils when taken raw, may cause some discomfort to your dog (avoid huge amounts of it!)

What this indicates to us?

Here is list :

  • It may cause gas troubles, 
  • stomach upset and
  • gastrointestinal problems, leading to diarrhea or sometimes even constipation.

just like humans!

And we all know, your dog won’t like getting sick. 

So, Feed The Right Way!

If your dog loves lentils, remember to never give it raw and never give large amounts of it. As we know, too much of anything is bad for anyone!

Can Dogs Eat Lentils
Can Dogs Eat Lentils

Small to moderate amounts of cooked lentils, can reduce “lecitins”to about 200 times and this is great to avoid stomach upset. 

With that, we have also figured out the best lentils for dogs so you research can be complete here.

Keep reading!

Which lentils are best for dogs?

We are here to help you out with knowing what lentils can be given to your buddy. 

Can Dogs Eat Lentils
Can Dogs Eat Lentils

Lentils are a type of dried beans and usually come in different forms. This includes:

  • black beans, 
  • green beans, 
  • split yellow lentils, 
  • split red lentils and  
  • soybeans.

The best lentils for your pet is:

  • split yellow lentils, and 
  • split red lentils.

These lentils are the best and the most easily digestible food for your dog. 

With that being said, now How do you cook lentils for dogs?

Cooking time!

Firstly, soak the lentils in warm water overnight.This ensures that the high levels of phytates in the lentils are avoided, as phytates don’t let the body absorb nutrients like calcium and iron.  

  • Lentils and almost all types of legumes are always advisable to be cooked thoroughly, when serving it to your fur ball. 
  • Although crockpot cooking and slow cooking is not advisable. 
  • Boiling or steaming the lentils will help in reducing lecitins to a bare minimum. 
  • Try not to incorporate any flavouring in it, as dogs have different taste buds than us, and might not like all the salt and seasoning that you have added to the lentils. 
  • One of the best ways to serve lentils to your dog is by adding a bit of turmeric  powder to it and mixing it up with rice, meat or vegetable. 

Your pet will enjoy eating lentils in moderate amounts, when-

  • Mixed with meat and vegetables
  • Served along with packaged dog’s store food
  • Or even as small snacks or treats 

Remember, that your dog cannot survive on lentils alone and it would surely need some meat protein and some grains along with the lentils.  

Now let’s have some scoop on your dog’s poop!

We know Do lentils make dog poop? 

This is what has been going in your mind right now. Nobody likes a constipated and an uncomfortable dog. 

Can Dogs Eat Lentils

As you now know that lentils are a high fibre containing beans, and a lot of fiber helps regulate bowel movements. 

They help clean all the nasty toxins sitting inside your pet’s body. Fiber feeds on healthy bacteria in the gut and helps break down the food and also helps in digesting the consumed food. 

This helps for a better digestion and easy passage of the stools. Making your dog poop easily without much of a problem. 

But remember to avoid anything in excess!

At The End

The bottom line here is that Lentils are one of the most nutritious and one of the most healthy treats for your dog. With all the benefits that lentils reap, along with maintaining medical conditions, lentils are one of the best sources for your dog. 

When cooked properly, lentils won’t cause any discomfort to your dog and this should be taken well care of at all times. Provide lentils to your canine buddy occasionally and in moderation. Lentils being a cheap source of fiber and iron, it can also become a staple in the diet. 

What’s your take on it? Let us know what type of lentil your dog can’t get enough of.