How Can We Feed Milk To Baby Rabbits

How Can We Feed Milk To Baby Rabbits

Keeping baby rabbit as the pet is very much in the trend. Generally, it is seen that people are not aware with diet and food of baby rabbit. So they give them whole milk and fruits juice. Due to which the baby rabbit may face different issues or it can be causes to death. So what one give to the little rabbit .

Do Baby Rabbits Need Milk?

Yes baby rabbits also need milk like all other mammals. They are very much depends on their mother’s milk. A mother rabbits do not feed milk continuously but it requires at least once in a day.  A baby rabbits starts eating when it reaches to two weeks but it needs milk from her mother up to six weeks. It provides additional nourishment. 

From all the types of animal, rabbit’s milk is unique. It contains extra calories. Thus baby rabbits need less food. Sometimes it may happen that baby rabbits get lost a or separate from mother. In such case a wild baby can find orphaned. However, a pet rabbit need extra attention and care. Some More About Can Bearded Dragons Eat Broccoli .

How To Bottle Feed Orphaned Baby Rabbits

In order to feed the baby rabbits one need to ask for animal feeding bottle in near pet store. 

  • At first get a towel and rapped that baby rabbits in it. Try do not allow to rabbit to roll into her back so her lungs will not flood with fluid.
  • Fill the bottle with special milk formula. Try to place nipple on the corner of her mouth. Make sure that baby do not chew syringe. It takes few attempts to get used of it.
  • Once you place bottle in her mouth, try to release small amount of quantity. Do not release entire milk at once because the rabbit can be chocked.
  • Try to repeat this method only twice in a day. It will help to baby rabbits to get fit and healthy.

Can Baby Rabbits Drink Cow Milk?

No, baby rabbits cannot drinks cow milk. Baby rabbits for their survival require milk.  Rabbits consume milk in very less quantity but often they need it.  Once a baby rabbit reaches  two week older it start taking solid food. Often it requires milk.

How Can We Feed Milk To Baby Rabbits

Some people thinks that it is okay to give cow milk. However, the cow’s milk is not suitable for baby rabbits. Cow’s milk is full of hormones, blood and pus. The little baby’s stomach cannot digest cow’s milk. 

In fact if a rabbit consumer cow’s milk it can easily dead Because rabbit cannot do vomiting.  So it is advisable not to give cow’s milk.

Can Baby Rabbits Drink Goat Milk?

Yes, in case of emergency baby rabbits  can drink goat milk. Instead of giving cow milk better to give goat milk. It can easily digested by the baby rabbits. The goat’s milk is easily tolerable.  The main difference between cow and goat is Protein & sugar. Secret Healthy Food For Rabbits Eat Cucumbers?

The goat milk is much lighter and contains less lactose. So in case of emergency goat milk can be given to rabbits.  Wild rabbits can easily cope with the goat milk. However, it is also advisable that baby rabbits  should be given special milk formula only.

Then What Types of Milk Is Best For The Baby Rabbits?

The best product for the baby rabbits are kitten milk replacer. This formula is specially made for the baby rabbit only. It helps to them flourish.  The baby rabbits are known as kitten.

Recommended Dose of Feeding the Baby Bunnies

0 – 7 days2 – 2.5 ml twice in a day
1 – 2 weeks5 – 7 ml twice in a day
2 – 3 weeks7 – 13 ml twice in a day
3 – 6 weeks13 – 15 ml twice in a day

By following the guidelines the baby rabbits can be flourishing. The maximum time require for babies is up-to six weeks. This is basic guideline that allows to  baby rabbits to maintained protein and cope up with all types of weakness.

Caring For An Orphaned Baby Rabbit

In the rural area, you often found the rabbit nest. Mother rabbits build nest where the young baby feel safe. It is very common to find a rabbit nest without mother. A mother rabbit leave her best for 23 hrs. She come to nest only once in a day when she need to feed her baby. 

How Can We Feed Milk To Baby Rabbits

So whenever you find a orphaned baby leave them alone.  Do not try to remove babies from their nest.

By doing this you decrease their chanced for survival.  If you have a baby rabbit then it should given kitten milk replacer only twice in a day. Overfeeding can cause of death or other problems. On the other hand, if you found wild rabbits better to leave in nest because the mother rabbit feed it’s child in the middle of night. 

What To Feed Baby Rabbits Without A Mother

Kitten Milk Replacer is the best product for the baby rabbits.  A baby rabbit drinks milk only once in a day from its mother. However, if mother rabbit is not available, then it requires gives them other replacement. This help to satisfy their hunger. 

One can use the animal bottle for their rabbits. Apart from milk, one can also provide water. It is essential to give water to babies. One need to hydrated their babies throughout day.  Once a baby reached to the age of 8 week , you can give should food like hay, pellets or lettuce.

How To Make A Baby Bunny Milk Substitute

For feeding the baby rabbits one can use kitten milk replacer. However, on some place this formula is not available. So one can use homemade milk replacer. The recipe include following points

  • Take one cup of goat milk and add 56 gm of additional powered goat milk. 
  • Stir one tablespoon of heavy cream without sugar . It make formula more richer and add calories in rabbit milk.
  • Heat this formula at the 98-100 Fahrenheit. This formula satisfies need of baby rabbit. 

So, Why You Should Never Give Milk to Rabbits?

It cause of death in baby rabbits.  In the most of mammals, Milk is essential. It is consider as the whole food. However, not all mammals can digest dairy milk. A rabbit is one of them. The main problem with baby rabbits is that they cannot digest lactose. Moreover, they cannot vomit. . Thus, once should not provide any types of dairy milk to the baby rabbit. Related Post Can Your Rabbits Eat Celery .

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Should Orphaned Baby Rabbits be Fed?

The baby rabbits fed by their mother only once in a day. However if you find orphaned baby, then it requires to feed twice a day. By using a kitten milk replacer or goat milk, one can feed baby rabbit easily.  The diet off bay rabbit is very limited. It is better to feed them in samall quantities. One the baby reached to the age of 8 weeks , you can give them fruits or vegetables upto 25 gm per kg as per rabbit weight.

2. Can rabbits drink anything other than water?

It is not recommended to give anything other than fresh water. The baby rabbit may have digestive problems. So it is better to give them fresh water only. However,  you can  add few drops of fresh juice or vegetables in the water,

3. Can you feed a baby rabbit whole milk?

No, you cannot give whole milk to baby rabbit. It is evident if anything given to baby rabbits by force then it can enter in the lungs or choke it. you should be very careful for the baby rabbit in terms of their diet. So, the whole milk must be avoided from the diet.