Can Rabbits Eat Celery?

Since celery is a fibrous vegetable that needs a good amount of chewing, rabbits love it. Unlike other rabbit foods, celery tastes great without being loaded with excess sugar. Irrespective of how strange it sounds; celery is no less than a candy treat to rabbits. Celery is one of those vegetables which forms an important part of their balanced diet along with hay and pellets.

Yes, Rabbits love celery as much as humans do and it is completely safe to feed them the same, given how they are herbivores and any plant-based item is a big yes for them. If you are wondering can rabbits eat celery?

Celery is an easy-to-get vegetable that you can see all through the year, at supermarkets and fresh produce stands. The delicious, nutritious, and healthy vegetable is perfect for your rabbit. Celery is a fun vegetable to munch on. It is one of the tastiest treats to give to your rabbits and provides all the essential vitamins to them.

What Is Celery?

Can Rabbits Eat Celery

Celery is one kind of vegetable that finds its roots in the family Apiaceae (which includes parsley and carrots as well). The vegetable is native to marshy and damp environments of the Middle East. Both the fibrous stalk of the vegetable and its leaves can be consumed raw by both rabbits and humans as well. As you can also know that your Ducks can Eat Sunflower Seeds.

It is their mild taste followed by their minimum-calorie content that makes celery a good choice for rabbits. Celery is known for its flavourful taste and contains lots of water. Rabbits tend to develop a liking for this vegetable mostly because of its excess sugar content. Celery

Health Benefits Of Celery

Celery’s top part, sticks, and even the roots are eaten by the rabbits. Incorporate small proportions of celery into your rabbit’s diet, to introduce them to a little variety. Rabbits savor celery, mainly for its savory taste. You can give celery as part of their fresh vegetable intake. Make sure to constitute about 15% of your rabbits’ diet with celery.

All of these ingredients are great for the overall health of a rabbit and ensure the healthy functioning of its body. Vitamin A helps in making their vision better. Vitamin C is known to protect their cells. And vitamin K is great for bone metabolism.

  • Since celery is low in calories, they are a safe bet for overweight and plump rabbits. It doesn’t result in your rabbits gaining weight unnecessarily.
  • Celery can cater to your rabbit’s nutrient needs.
  • Celery is also said to boost the immune system of your bunny.
  • Fiber is a crucial element of a rabbit’s diet primarily because their digestive system is made to deal with roughage.
  • The dense celery texture makes it a perfect choice for rabbits to get their teeth filed.
  • The indigestible fiber present in celery can ensure a healthy digestion system.
  • The additional water content present in celery can make sure that the fluid levels of your rabbits shoot up. This is especially beneficial if your rabbits don’t drink water sufficiently.

How To Feed Celery To Your Rabbit?

If the question “Can rabbits eat celery?” is bothering you then you can introduce celery as part of your bunny’s balanced diet.

Try giving as many vegetables as you can along with celery to make their diet as wholesome and nutritious as possible. Most rabbits love chewing on celery because they are sweet.

  • After bringing the celery from the market, wash it properly to eliminate traces of pesticides and soil that might be present.
  • Always give raw celery to your rabbit. Avoid providing them with cooked celery because rabbits fail at digesting cooked vegetables.
  • Consider giving small amounts of celery mixed with other vegetables to your rabbit.
  • If you are introducing celery into your rabbit’s everyday diet, then make sure to give very small amounts of it.
  • Offer celery to your rabbits only after cutting them up into smaller pieces. This is because the long celery strings can lead to digestive issues in your rabbits.
  • Make sure never to cut the leaves of celery and throw them away. Leaves are the most nutritious part of the vegetable which contains lesser sugar and water content.

Do Rabbits Like Celery?

Can Rabbits Eat Celery

Rabbits love celery just like any leafy greens and vegetables that you might give them. The nutrient content and fiber content in celery makes it an attractive diet choice for rabbits. Celery is also inclusive of sugar which is noticed only by the rabbits and not humans. While not every single rabbit might like celery, most of them do.

If your rabbit isn’t showing any signs of likeness towards celery, you need not worry since there are various other vegetables that you can feed them.

Cons Of Celery For Rabbits

To those asking ‘can rabbits eat celery?”; celery is one of the most healthy and nutritious vegetables that you can feed your rabbit.  But that doesn’t mean celery doesn’t have any risks. There are potential risks of consuming celery that you must be informed about.

Celery Strings: The celery strings are the sturdy string flesh pieces that run down vertically inside a celery stalk. Celery strings have the likelihood of getting stuck in your bunny’s teeth, besides blocking their digestive tract.

Sugar Content: Humans might not find celery sweet, but when you compare them with other available vegetables on the market, they contain high proportions of sugar. Each celery stick contains about one gram of sugar. Excess sugar is known to lead the rabbits into facing several health problems.

Water Content: Celery is packed with excess water just like cucumber. While this might prove beneficial for rabbits that don’t drink sufficient water. But it can also result in gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea in rabbits if their diet is high in water.

Oxalates: Oxalates are also called oxalic acid and don’t cause harm if your rabbits have them in small amounts. But excess oxalates can result in build-up inside a rabbit’s body which can further lead to kidney damage. know more about Is It Safe For Birds To Eat Flax Seeds.

Some Precautions While Eating Celery

You can avoid celery strings from hurting your rabbit and leading to problems by chopping the celery into multiple small pieces. Make sure that every celery piece is not bigger than half an inch. Small celery strings would never cause any issues.

You can avoid feeding high oxalate content, water, and sugar present in the celery to your rabbits by sparingly feeding the vegetable. Celery should form only a small fraction of your rabbit’s diet. It should be introduced with other important greens and veggies.

Celery doesn’t impose any risk if you can feed them with it once in a while. Almost every rabbit enjoys celery and doesn’t show any signs of health problems. And this solves your confusion about “Can rabbits eat celery?”.

Always feed celery leaves to your bunny given how it doesn’t impose any chances of choking. Plus, there aren’t even any celery sticks. But if you feed celery sticks at all to your rabbits, make sure to only feed half a stick every day.


1. Is Celery Safe for Rabbits?

While it’s true that celery isn’t harmful or poisonous for rabbits, you must avoid giving celery in excess as it might result in severe gastrointestinal problems.

2. How Much Celery Can I Give to My Rabbit?

It is ok to give celery leaves to your rabbits and celery sticks as well. But make sure you cut the celery sticks into ½ inch to your rabbit every day.

3. Can Rabbits Eat All Parts of Celery?

While rabbits can eat every part of celery, it is safe to only introduce them to celery leaves. The leaves are the most nutritious part of the vegetable.

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