Do Cats Remember Their Mothers?

Do Cats Remember Their Mothers

Are you a pet lover? And especially, do you love little kitties as pets? Well, we know, you can’t step back once you actually see their big, sparkling eyes and innocent face and would love to take care of them and shower them all the love.

But, can you actually take a place of a mother? Or the right question would be, once they are with you as your pet, do cats remember their mothers?

Many of you may have come across this thought at least once in your lifetime. Let’s learn more about these tiny kitties:

Facts About Cats That You Must Know

There are several things that we need to learn about these pets and that we are unaware of. But, let’s learn about how strong their memory is.

Do Cats Remember Their Mothers

How Long Do Cats Remember Their Mothers?

As we all know that these kittens are eluded by their mother when they are young. Not all, but most of them are.

But when they are born, they are being looked after or nourished by their mothers. This creates a strong relationship between the mother and the kitten.

What do you think about this?

Do Grown Cats Remember Their Mother?

Well, let me help you. They do not, they don’t remember their mother. They tend to forget the same as they evolve.

However, you may find this odd but they do retain the scent of their mother. Unfortunately, they are inadequate to make the connection once again.

You may be reckoning that do cats remember their siblings.

The situation doesn’t change here, they won’t remember their sibling as soon as they are separated. Although cats do like being with their companion, unlike dogs. They may remember their sibling if they are grown together. But as said earlier, if separated they won’t remember.

How Long Does A Mother Cat Remember Her Kittens?

Now, that you’ve got the previous answer, you might wonder if the mother remembers their kitten. Don’t worry, we’ll answer this question too.

Now, in this case, you may think that the mother of the kitten is already grown-up and hence, she would remember her kitten easily. It might seem so, as the relationship between the duo is so intense. The love, and affection their mother has towards them.

Do Cats Remember Their Mothers

Unfortunately, the mother is on the same page as her kittens. They don’t remember their children once the kitten is segregated from their mom. Just like the kitten, they do retain the scent but as the kid is separated, they lose their scent shortly.

And it becomes extremely difficult for the mother to remember their kid once they grow up.

Do Kittens Miss Their Mom And Siblings?

As we said earlier, they don’t remember their mother as well as siblings once being separated. Therefore, they don’t miss their mama and siblings. However, they might remain sad for a few days until they adapt to the new environment around them.

The kitten must not be separated from the mother until eight weeks after it is born. This is to train her to survive and to feed the kitten through the mother or she might look for an extra meal otherwise.

They learn all the social skills on how to survive and how to behave through their mother and separating them at an early age will cause several problems for the kitten.

They get to know a lot in this period of eight weeks and hence must not be separated before this period.

What Do Kittens Think About Their New Owner?

Do Cats Think You’re Their Mother?

It might seem that your kitten thinks you’re their mom. But, that fact is that this isn’t true at all, you might get this feeling because of the love and affection they have developed for their owner after being adopted and they behave to you the same way as they did to their mother cat before being separated.

You might be surprised to know that the kittens believe that humans are one of them as well, the cat. And, this makes them able to live so independently around us and have a lot of affection for their owner and the family.

Moreover, the love and affection you show towards them make them feel extremely safe. And they began to blend in with the family shortly after being adopted.

Do Cats Remember Their Mothers

Do Cats Forget Their Owners In 3 Days?

You may be wondering that do cats remember their owner. The answer to this question is No, they don’t forget their owners in just 3 days. They do have a sharp memory that retains such things for more than 3 days.

You might have a question Will my kitten forget me if I leave for a week on a vacation and come back home and see your cat with a confused face as if everyone is new to them? No, this is not the case, they do remember their owner for longer than 3 days. So, you won’t come back home to the confused face of your cat. They will easily recognize you through their memory.

Do Cats Get Sad When You Give Away Their Kittens?

Occasionally, a mother will act very bizarrely after the kids have been dispatched to fresh residences, and it’s normal to think in case she misses them. Let’s understand the fact about these aspects.

As said earlier, the kitten should not be separated before 8 weeks after they’re born. This is the period when learning a lot of things. Then, she can be separated from her mother.

However, she may seem sad after their separation for a few days. They move on after a few days of their separation.

Will A Mother Cat Kill Her Kittens If You Touch Them?

This is a myth circulating the globe that in case you caress the cat’s newborn kitten. The mother will abandon their kitten or even worse, they might kill their kitten. The reason for this is many around the world. But, many believe that this isn’t true.

If you and your family have owned a cat for a long time and she gives birth to a newborn. As the cat has spent a decent amount of time with you and your family, so you are not new to her, she knows your scent and your family’s as well. They know that they are safe around your family and so if in case, you touch her newborn she will not mind at all.

Whereas, in some cases, if the newborn has some sort of contagious disease that may spread to other cats including her mother, and might harm them and the disease cannot be properly treated, in such cases, the mother is left with nothing but to abandon the kitten.

Do Cats Remember Their Mothers

What Does A Mother Cat Do With A Dead Kitten?

In such an unfortunate event, the mother is still unaware of the fact that her kitten is dead. Still, she caresses her newborn as an indication of her love and affection. Taking away the newborn right may not be a good idea as the mother will become unhappy about this.

In some cases, after a long time when the mother is certain that the kitten is dead. She may consume the kitten along with other live kittens. This only happens after the mother is completely sure that the kitten is dead. She will ascertain this by leaving the kitten for a few days in hope of revival. If the newborn doesn’t wake up then they consume as their food for their survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be several more doubts in your head right now. There exist a few frequently asked questions:

1. Do Cats Remember Their Childhood?
Ans. Cats have relatively sharper memory also referred to as long-term memory. They are believed to retain things for around 10 years. Beyond this, they seem to forget.

As said earlier, the kitten doesn’t remember their family. The same goes for their childhood. Some of the events may have been housed in their memory for a long period up to 10 years. But many tend to forget and cannot retain it for a long while.

2. Do Cats Know Their Name?
Ans. You might be amazed to know that the cats do remember their names. We tend to give them several names once we have them as a pet such as a kitty, or anything. Yes, they do remember their name. However, do not anticipate responding to it every time you address them.

Do Cats Remember Their Mothers

Several times, they seem to ignore the same as if you’re not calling them as if she’s unaware of it. Their response depends on their motivation and their feeling at that particular instant.

3. Do Cats Think Humans Are Their Pets?
Ans. They don’t think of humans as a pet but they do think that humans are one of them. This is because of the love their owner has for their cat. They feel family around them. And they, in turn, respect their owners too.

4. Do Cats Remember Where They Live?
Ans. The cat has its territory sometimes, it creates its region by urine spray. But, in several cases, they do retain the scent of their home and so it becomes easy for them to find the place where they live.

After this read we hope you can now figure out easily: do cats remember their mother or not? Well, the answer itself has a question, if they remember then how long do cats remember their mother? Almost everything that needs to be answered is been done, and if anything is left then do let us know.

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