Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open

Actually, Yes! Amazingly, guinea pigs can sleep standing up with their eyes wide open. Because each guinea pig has its own personality, they make wonderful pets and are fun to watch as they scurry around all day.

You might be concerned that your guinea pig never seems to sleep because they are sometimes so busy. However, appearances can deceive. 

Do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open?

Yes, as mentioned, some of them do. And thus, when pet owners discover that their guinea pig sleeps with their eyes almost open, many people mistakenly believe that guinea pigs are nocturnal. The eyes of a guinea pig are not the same as our own. Guinea pigs frequently appear alert and awake, which is normal behaviour. 

do guinea pigs sleep with their eyes open

However, this does not prevent guinea pigs from occasionally blinking and closing their eyes—they do. There is nothing wrong with your lovely guinea pig, so don’t worry. As prey, guinea pigs are accustomed to being devoured by larger predators.

The myth that guinea pigs close their eyes is based on the fact that these small animals are naturally alert. In order to quickly escape and hide, they keep their eyes open. Despite the fact that they remain domesticated pets, they exhibit this sleeping behavior instinctively.

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When do Guinea pigs sleep?

Guinea pigs are not much of a dozer. They are the only ones who can sleep upright with their eyes wide open. If you pay close attention to your guinea pig, you will notice that he frequently stops and remains very still throughout the day.

He is not pondering the significance of life or listening to the background music. Before continuing with his day, it’s likely that he is getting a little sleep. Despite the fact that they sleep intermittently throughout the day and night, guinea pigs are most active at dusk and dawn.

Guinea pigs, contrary to popular belief, do not go into hibernation but can sleep for extended periods of time.

Why Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

Owning a guinea pig is always special. The guinea pig’s sleeping habits are the only thing that sets it apart from other pets.

  • Comfort: Everything depends on how comfortable the guinea pig is. If the guinea pig is content in the cage, it will sleep with its eyes closed.
  • Biological reasons: Due to its evolutionary change, the guinea pig’s eyelids rarely close. In order to be aware of this situation, guinea pigs began to keep an eye out for predators in the wild. This became a habit that was passed down to the next species. 
Do Guinea Pigs Sleep With Their Eyes Open

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Do Guinea Pigs Have Any Other Unusual Sleeping Habits?

Apart from the sleeping with eyes wide open, there are some other sleeping habits that are characteristic of Guinea pigs and seem unusual. Here are 3 of those:

  • brief periods of sleep
  • light snoozing
  • planned awakenings
  1. Short Sleep Spans: Compared to humans, guinea pigs only need four to six hours of sleep in a 24-hour period (or day). Compared to younger guinea pigs, older ones are more likely to sleep frequently. This is due to the fact that cavies, like humans, have a tendency to sleep more during the day as they age. It’s a way to keep them healthy for longer periods of time by giving them enough rest and conserving energy.
  1. Light Sleepers: This is yet another strategy that guinea pigs use to try to evade predators. If you have a guinea pig, you’ll notice that getting him out of his light slumber doesn’t take much effort. The greater your piggie’s ability to react quickly, the greater its chances of survival. It becomes, well, the prey of some predator if it fails to make its escape attempt. Therefore, how does a guinea pig survive? It has a very light sleep!
  1. Time to Get Awake Strategically: Piggies are polyphasic, which means they have multiple segments (or nap times) per day, in contrast to most other animals, which only have one time to sleep (monophasic). They’re just more active at night and in the early morning. Due to the fact that the majority of predators are unable to see very well in dim light, these two behaviors help them conserve energy in brief bursts and increase their chances of survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How do you know if your guinea pig is sleeping?

When Guinea pigs are asleep, their ears and whiskers twitch and you can also notice the rapid movement of their eyes. 

Q2- What Sleep Positions Do Guinea Pigs Like?

Guinea pigs like to sleep on their sides in hidden, dark places.

Q3- Are Guinea Pigs The Only Animals That Sleep With Their Eyes Open?

No, snakes, ostriches, blackbirds, and rabbits are also members of this club. 

Q4- How do I know if my guinea pigs are happy?

If your Guinea Purring, squealing, nose rubbing, or cuddling, it clearly means that they are happy. 

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