Important Reasons That Focus On How Often To Bathe Cat

How Often To Bathe Cat

Whenever people want to know how often to bathe cat, either once a week or every day. They should keep in their mind that bathing a cat depends on appropriate circumstances and the use of correct products. Some people are of the opinion that since their cats spent most of the time within the house, in that case how often to bathe cat.

The cats use their rough tongue for removing all the dead hair, food remains and can also able to massage hair roots, spread oils evenly on their body.

But only through licking they can’t remove dirt and dandruff from the body. In this situation, owners can think of another alternative of bathing and how often to bathe cat.

Factors Determining The Frequency To Bathe Cat

The frequency to bathe cat largely depend on their age, needs, and comfort levels. Owners wonder about how often to bathe a kitten. Little kittens need to be bathed regularly about every three days to get rid of dirt. As the kittens become 12months older, it is essential to bathe them every month, and later on, the duration can be extended but not more than three to four months.

How Often To Bathe Cat
How Often To Bathe Cat

Bathing a kitten makes them feel positive. The frequency to bathe a cat depends on various factors that focus on how often should you bathe your cat.

  • When people ask about how often should you wash your indoor/outdoor cats, they must know that the cats that spend major time outside need to be bathed regularly than the indoor cats who spent maximum time inside the house.
  • If the cat possesses long hairs such as Persian breeds need to be bathed often in order to keep their furs clean and dirt free.
  • Cats containing less fur like the Sphynx, who is fully hairless, need periodic baths to get rid of the body oil.
  • Sometimes cats need regular bath due to some medical reasons. Problems like skin irritation, loose stool, obesity, infections from tick or flea require more care and attention.
  • Highly active outdoor cats require frequent bathing.
  • Cats that are unable to groom themselves needed regular bathe in order to keep their coat free from grease and sticky.
  • Overweight cats are unable to reach to their different body parts to lick the fur, for them frequent bathing is very effective. It can also relieve the cats from itching and infections.

Techniques Followed To Bath Cat

It is very important when people want to know what should I use to bathe my cat, they must collect the following things.

  1. Cat-friendly shampoo.
  2. Towels.
  3. Comb.
  4. Brush for long-haired cats.
  5. Container for rinsing.
  6. Rubber mat to put in the sink to prevent the cats from slipping or falling.

People need to follow several stepwise tips and tricks to bathe cat or kitten.

  1. Owners Must Trim the Toe Nails-At first the owners should trim the toenails, the main defence instrument. Cat who is upset or angry can cause harm through scratching, so before taking cats or kittens to bathe they must shorten the toenails.
  1. People Should Brush Before- As cats shed fur often, it is better to brush their body prior bathing. Excess fur can get tangled with pipes causing water blockage in bathroom and the cat’s body will also not look clean.
  1. People Should Choose Correct Bath Time-As cats doesn’t like to take bath, so forcing them can cause negative result. Therefore, the best time to bathe a cat is when they are restless and tired after playing.
  1. Owners Must Provide Traction-At the bottom of the tub owners must place the rubber mat so that the cat can easily stand without fear. They can add slowly some amount of warm water later.
  1. People Should Try a Pour-Over Method-People can use handheld sprayers, a plastic cup to pour water slowly on the cat’s body till they are wet fully.
  1. Owners Must Use Proper Cat Shampoo-Owners must avoid using human shampoo. Since cat licks their body the chemicals of the shampoo can enter their mouth. Those shampoos specifically designed for cats should be used.
  1. People Should Rinse Well-After applying shampoo on cat, they should be rinsed very well with lukewarm water.
  1. People Must Clean the Face-In order to clean the cat’s face people should use warm, wet washcloth. Precautions must be taken while cleaning the cat’s eyes and ears.
  1. People Should Dry Cats Thoroughly-It is very important to dry cats properly after bathing. Large towels are used to cover them and to keep them in a warm room. Hairdryers can also be used to dry the cats. To use wide-toothed comb to remove tangles.
  1. Owners Must Provide Treat-After the bath time, owners should offer the cats treats and praises. It will create impression that bath time is not bad rather very exciting as they get enough rewards after it.

Procedure To Choose Shampoo For Cats

what shampoo is safe for cats
what shampoo is safe for cats

When owners think about what shampoo is safe for cats, they should know how to choose shampoos designed for cats.

  • The Cat Shampoos must contain simple ingredients without any artificial dyes, sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.
  • Owners should choose appropriate flea shampoo for cats having fleas.
  • For skin issues the cat shampoo contains oil.
  • Medicated cat shampoo for skin irritations.
  • They should use cat dandruff shampoo and cat conditioner for long-haired cats.
  • They should use leave-in conditioner for silkier coats.

Best Shampoos For Cats

Before taking cats to bath, people should know some best shampoos for cats/kittens.

  • Captain Zack Zoey Shiny and Mew Sulphate Free Cat Shampoo.
  • Zoivane Pets Cat Shampoo with Conditioner.
  • Lilio Tearless Strawberry Cat Shampoo Wash.
  • Petsmatter Cat Shampoo with Conditioner.
  • Pets Empire New Waterless Cat Shampoo.
  • Caredom Herbal Pet Anti-Tick and Fleas Kitten Shampoo.
  • Pet Royale Cat Shampoo with Conditioner.

Safety Of Using Human Soaps

Human shampoos are not at all suitable for cats. When people have doubts regarding can I use dove soap on my cat, they cannot use dove soap as the pH level of the soap are different than the skin of the cat. The harmful dyes, toxic chemicals can hurt the cat as they constantly lick their body and can also cause damage, irritation on their skin.

Again, if people have questions about can I wash my cat with baby shampoo; they can use baby shampoo for cats. As the baby shampoo possesses harmless and gentle ingredients for babies, therefore it can be used for cats as well. But people must use cat shampoo containing all-natural ingredients to wash and moisturize a cat’s skin.

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Process To Give Cat A Dry Bath

Some cats do not like water at all, so how to bathe a cat that hates water. It is only possible for indoor cats.

  1. Owners Must Use a Dry Shampoo-Dry shampoo is very effective for dry bath without water. It doesn’t need rinsing. Owners brush the cat’s coat to remove dirt after applying the dry shampoo.
  1. Owners Must Use Baby Wipes-Owners must use baby wipes to clean cat without water. It is very gentle and harmless also. Cats can easily lick their body.
cat that hates water
How Often To Bathe Cat
  1. Proper Cleaning of Cat’s Ears and Eyes-Owners must clean all the delicate areas of cat’s body. They use dry, gentle materials to clean the ears and damp cloth or gauze for eyes. Baby wipes are harmful for eyes.
  1. Owners Should Clean the Mouth-Cats can’t clean their teeth. People should use proper toothpaste and brush to keep the teeth, mouth and gums of the cat clean.
  1. Proper Use of Cat Powder-Owners should apply the powders equally all over and brush gently. They must use cat grooming brushes.

Ways To Bath A Cat With Fleas

People need to consider several steps in order to know how to bathe a cat with fleas.

  • Owners should speak softly with the cat.
  • They should keep the bathroom doors close.
  • They must place two cotton balls on cat’s ears to prevent entry of water.
  • Owners must fill the bathtub with warm water.
  • After the cat’s legs get wet, owners should moisten the body gradually.
  • They must apply anti-flea shampoo.
  • They should massage the cat’s body.
  • Owners must kill the fleas that fall from the cat’s body.
  • They use comb for removing remaining fleas.
  • They must wash the cat’s entire body properly.

Precautions Taken Before Bathing A Cat

Several things to keep in mind before taking cat to the bath.

  • Owners must keep all bathing equipment ready before putting cats into the tub.
  • They should use only cat-friendly, tearless shampoo.
  • Owners must check the water temperature.
  • They can appoint another person for helping.
  • They should wash cat’s face with warm washcloth, not with soap.
  • Owners should not dunk cat’s head underwater.
  • Owners must keep patience and talk politely.
  • They should not allow cats in the bathroom before bath time.

Benefits Of Providing Cat A Bath

It is very important to know the benefits of giving your cat a bath.

  • Bathing makes the fur of the cat shinier, nourished and moisturised.
  • Natural shampoo and conditioner reduces dandruff.
  • Regular bathing and combing reduces tangles.
  • Bathing reduces fleas and other skin parasites.
  • Regular bath prevents intestinal obstructions, remove dead hair.
  • Owners can observe the hidden things on the body that are not found otherwise after bathing.


1.Can I Bathe My Cat Once A Week?

Bathing a cat is very essential to reduce excessive hair growth, prevent tangles. If a cat’s fur is prone to allergy owners need to bathe the cat at least once a week.

2.Do Kittens Need Baths?

Too frequent baths can roughen the kitten’s skin. They should be bathed after every 4-6 weeks. For kittens fragrance-free shampoo are to be used.

3.Is It Bad To Bathe A Cat Too Often?

It is not necessary to bathe a cat too often if they are healthy and appears clean. Regular bathing can eliminate essential oils from their fur and cats can feel traumatic.

4.How Can I Trick My Cat Into A Bath?

Cats should be trained to bathe when it is a kitten, to place several toys and colorful elements in the tub, to allow the cat to play with water, to provide water to sink its claws, no use of restraints, no noises.

5.How Do You Give A Cat Bath Without It Scratching You?

Owners can use the handheld shower to bathe a cat, trim its toenails before bathing, minimize running water, use a dry towel and to hire any friend for help.

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