Tips On How To Teach A Parakeet To Talk

How To Teach A Parakeet To Talk

If you’re a happy parakeet owner, the thought of how to teach a Parakeet to talk must be quite frequent to you. But to make your parakeet talk you need to be patient and teach it. Parakeets can not only talk but sing songs too.

Although parakeets can chirp on their own, you need to train them to pronounce words of your choice.

Training parakeets requires huge patience, proper routine, and rewards.

Most parakeets talk among themselves, but with proper training, they can also learn to pronounce their names as well as other human words.

In this article, we have suggested some helpful tips and advice on how to teach a monk Parakeet to talk. You can follow these steps and tips to help your budgie pronounce words.

How To Make A Parakeet Talk?

If you’re willing to know how do your train a Parakeet to talk, here’s everything you need to know about it.

How To Teach A Parakeet To Talk
How To Teach A Parakeet To Talk
  • Routines are very important for them to learn different words. Parakeets often sing on their own but if you want to teach them proper words, you should know that it’s important you maintain a routine for it.
  • You can make use of your early morning time to teach your pet budgie. This time of the morning is very effective as the speaking birds tend to learn new words quickly when they’re taught after their brains have gotten a good rest from the night’s sleep.
  • Well-fed budgies are far more receptive, so you must feed it well before training. Giving it an early meal before the training in the morning can help it learn faster.
  • Start with simple words. Although speaking birds like parakeets can learn words, there’s always a limit to every learning process. You can’t start with the complicated words as due to lack of vocal cords many baby parakeets can’t learn complicated words. You can start with names or words of one syllable.
  • Go for one at a time. Parakeets don’t talk sentences but words. Teach them one word at a time. You need to clearly pronounce it while teaching. You need to repeat them frequently and then add words in the process.
  • You need to reward them after every lesson. Whenever you see any significant process, reward your budgie with a piece of fruit.

Different Sounds Of Parakeet And Meaning

If you’re an enthusiastic parakeet owner, there are different types of sounds you will hear at your home. You must know the meaning of each of these sounds your little budgie makes.

It will also help you know whether your bird is happy or it’s sick and sad. The sound of a healthy parakeet differs from the sound of the happy ones.

Here’s a list of some of the most common types of sounds parakeets usually make and their meanings.

  • Whistling: Parakeets usually whistle when they’re very happy. But sometimes the budgies learn to whistle from their owners too. Whistling is their way of expressing happiness.
  • Screaming: If your parakeet is suddenly and continuously screaming, it’s not a good sign. It’s an untypical sound they make when they’re afraid of something, in distress or pain.
  • Talking: Parakeets talk with one another using a broad range of sounds. It means they’re communicating with one another.
  • Chirping: Chirping of parakeets isn’t uncommon and it’s often heard when your budgie is either happy or it’s talking with its partner with excitement.
  • Singing: Parakeets sing when they’re in a good mood and want to share it with you. But some parakeets make a lot of noise like chatter which indicates that it’s upset or it’s going to sleep.

Helpful Tips About Teaching Budgie To Talk

Are you wondering about the tips on how to train rose-ringed parakeets to talk? Here are a few helpful tips that can make the process easier for you.

how to train rose-ringed parakeets to talk
how to train rose-ringed parakeets to talk
  • You need to start to train the budgie from a very young age. Younger parakeets are easier to teach human words.
  • Female parakeets talk less and aren’t as vocal compared to male Parakeets.
  • Parakeets are always friendly in nature, if you get a companion at the beginning for your parakeet, it may not have a good bonding with you. Therefore don’t buy two parakeets together or keep them separated.
  • You need to repeat phrases in front of the bird all the time to help it take hold of the word.
  • Avoid the use of electronic gadgets to teach them. Recordings for parakeets are not a good idea.
  • Encourage and help it to bond with you. Let it sit on your hands and your shoulder.
  • If you want to get a friendly and loving bird, avoid using harsh words in front of it.

Selecting The Right Parakeet

If you’re wondering about can you teach a parakeet to talk quickly, you should know that it depends on the type of parakeet you’re choosing. The male parakeets are more likely to learn to talk and say words faster than the females.

The female ones are quieter. Parakeets usually make a lot of noises from which it is clear the budgies are capable of talking and learning words.

If you’re planning to get a parakeet, it would be better if you go for the young male ones as they can learn quickly and easily.

Older parakeets are hard to train, so if you’re thinking can you teach an old parakeet to talk, you need to consider that while it’s not impossible to teach the older parakeets to talk, it’s better to start from the weaning age. The little ones are easier to teach as they can grasp words quickly.

The talking and learning of a parakeet depend on its breed too. The Australian breeds of parakeets are more talkative than others.

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Things About Pre Teaching Parakeet To Talk

Before you begin to teach your little budgie how to speak words to make it disco the talking parakeet, there are a few things you need to consider as well as take care of. These will help you ensure a better environment for the budgie and follow certain techniques that will not only make the task easier for the parakeet but you too.

  • The parakeets are talkative and speaking birds, so teaching them words is a task of motivating them to learn. You need to motivate it to repeat words after you.
  • Yelling, cursing isn’t going to help, but you need to make sure that you treat the bird-like it’s your little friend.
  • The condition of the parakeets matters extremely when it comes to learning new words. You need to be sure that the parakeet you’re about to start teaching is well and happy.
  • Make sure there is enough space in the cage so that it’s not distracted.
  • If your budgie is lethargic, don’t just consider it as laziness but check for other symptoms like bad features, etc and then take it to a vet for a medical checkup. Sick or unhealthy budgie will not be able to learn words. So, before you begin, check for its health condition.

Teaching A Budgie Its Own Name

Teaching budgie its name is no different from teaching other words. You need to say its name to the bird and repeat it several times. You can repeat it throughout the day to help the parakeet get it. You can even incorporate the name with other words it knows or say it as appreciation. Once it gets closer, reward the budgie with a slice of any fruit it likes.

Steps To Train Parakeet To Talk

If you’re browsing about how to teach a baby parakeet to talk, you should know that it requires a lot of patience as well as time to do so. You need to do it slowly and gradually to make your budgie mimic a phrase that you say.

It’s only after consistent and continuous training, you’ll be able to hear some words mixed with its chirps and noises.

how to teach a baby parakeet
how to teach a baby parakeet

Although budgies are great mimics and love to speak, you need to do it following certain steps to make it easier for both of you.

  • Prepare your parakeet to speak. You need to make sure that you do something to get its attention towards you for the whole teaching hours.
  • It should be comfortable around and with you. Building up trust is the main goal, that’ll further help in teaching words.
  • Choose a good time to train it every day. Start with the simpler greetings words of ‘hello’ and gradually move to other phrases. You need to talk slowly so that it doesn’t sound garbled nonsense to the budgie but it will be able to understand everything you speak.
  • You can even start with teaching consonants and later move on to the words.
  • Hold up the object as you say its name while teaching different words.
  • At the last of every lesson, teach words like thanks, etc, and end with a reward.

Suitable Words For Parakeet To Learn

Parakeets are talkative birds that can learn to say almost every word. But to start, you need to choose the easier ones with enough repetition to help the budgie learn. As some are simpler than others it may take up a little while to learn the harder ones.

Parakeets can easily mimic the words with hard consonants but face a hard time following the ones with soft consonants. You should teach the words with short and sweet phrases like a cutie, sweet, etc rather than the ones with many syllables and long phrases.

Repeat enough times so that it doesn’t become hard for the little budgie to memorize the word and say it. You can go for words like come in, good morning, good night, bedtime, food, etc.

How To Encourage A Budgie To Talk

You can encourage your disco the talking parakeet to say words often and clearly by trying different tricks.

  • Uncover the cage and hold the budgie on your shoulder while teaching.
  • Spend enough talking time with it to get it to repeat phrases after you.
  • Play with it more often and feed it well before every lesson to get it ready to learn words.

Period For Teaching A Budgie

If you’re thinking about teaching your parakeet how to talk, you must have asked yourself how long does it take to teach a parakeet to talk. Teaching the first word takes quite a while. But once the little fellow starts to talk, it gets easier and takes less time to learn new words.

Getting a little parakeet to talk and say its first words may take up from several weeks to two months. But you’ve to be patient till it says its first word. Once it learns to tell the easier words, move on to the complicated ones. As they’re very skilled talkers they can memorize and say numerous words once you get it to talk.

Reasons Of Parakeet Not Talking

If your little budgie isn’t talking or chirping even after trying hard, as a pet parent, it might make you wonder about do parakeet talk at all. But there can be several reasons behind why your little parakeet isn’t talking at all even after trying.

  • If your parakeet is adjusting to new changes in the environment or life, it might not talk for days.
  • When little buddies get afraid of something or are uncomfortable around some people, they might not talk at all.
  • If your parakeet has confronted new people or a new situation, it might get quieter than usual.
  • Stained noises or abnormal silence are signs of illness that need medical care.
  • Budgies with loneliness, depression can’t don’t talk as much as the healthy ones.
  • Many little budgies never learn to talk at all but don’t have any kind of health issues at all.

Signs Of Parakeet Trying To Talk

Older parakeets chirp and sing all the time when they’re happy, but here are a few signs that’ll let you know if your little budgie is starting to talk.

  • It will stare at your mouth continuously while you’re talking. You’ll find the pupils of the budgie dilate as it focuses and stares at your mouth.
  • Soft chattering can be a sign of your little parakeet trying to talk.
  • It might put its face up to your mouth while you’re talking, in enthusiasm.
  • The male budgies, while they’re trying to talk, make loud noises.

Suitable Environment For teaching Parakeet

The area or the environment is very important when it comes to teaching a budgie. You can take it out of its cage while teaching or put it in a big and comfortable cage with ample food and water to make it comfortable. These basic factors make a big difference in the learning process.

If there’s more than one parakeet, you need to separate them with a towel or shift the one you’re teaching to another cage while the lessons are on, otherwise, all the chirps and noises can divert the attention of the parakeet.


1.Is it rare for a Parakeet to talk?

Among all the other birds in the parrot family, parakeets are the most vocal birds. They can tell words they’ve heard before.

2.What to teach a Parakeet to say?

You need to teach one word at a time by speaking very calmly and clearly. Consonants like b, p, t, k are easier for them.

3.What is the easiest bird to teach to talk?

The African Grey Parrot is the easiest bird to teach human words.


Parakeets are talkative birds who can speak human words when taught slowly. Young parakeets are easier to get them to talk to than the older ones. Male budgies are more likely to learn to talk faster than females. But it’s necessary to carry on with the teaching by following a routine to be consistent with it.

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