Can Neosporin Be Used On Cats: Are Alternate Healing Ointments Safe?

neosporin on cats

Neosporin is widely used by pharmaceutical companies to cure scrapes, burns, allergies, and cuts. It is generically a safe drug (external) present in many ointments. So a tube of ointment comprising Neosporin can mostly be cluttering your FIRSTAID desk. Should you use neosporin on cats?

Whether there is a razor cut or a superficial rash on our skin, we tend to scrub Neosporin on it inconsiderably. As these medications are specialized to treat humans.

Does Neosporin work on cats? Using Neosporin on cats can be life-threatening. We cannot administer Neosporin on cat’s wounds.

neosporin on cats

Provided how often cats are prone to bite everything from an object to even themselves. To scratch off their own eyes or sometimes a playful love wound on their pet parents. We know they get entwined in serious catfights with other animals. Such factors always associate concern to cat moms and dads.

Veterinary professionals do prescribe basic drugs like salicylic, codeine, lysine, dexamethasone, and other similar agents for our cats. In some cases, it is proved safe for cats. Simultaneously, can Neosporin be used on cats without consulting a professional?

Sometimes, vets even permit the use of antibiotic triple agents that are effective and customized for human skin. So if there is a superficial wound on our cats we overlook it and use the same medication. After all, it is available in all the pharmacy retails. But can antibiotic ointments be used on cats?

Amidst an ongoing pandemic, pet parents have turned up with allegations of lesser sources and information about pet care on the internet. Even in the 21st century, it’s sad that animal-friendly mediations are less talked about.

“Can you put Neosporin on cats?” There are common Quora questions from concerned pet parents.

Neosporin as a drug is often prescribed by veterans. Neosporin is composed of triple antibiotic ointment- Neomycin, polymyxin B, and Bacitracin. Polymyxin B as an active drug can lead to anaphylactic shocks in animals. Such a disorder can even cause death in cats.

The medical combination was approved for topical use in the United States in 1971. They are sold under the brand name of Neosporin and Globe. The prescribed medication is known to be very effective to treat human rashes and burns. These ointments have compounds that are systematic pain relievers.

neosporin on cats

But can you use Neosporin on cats? They are only restricted to be used on dogs with a veteran’s approval. However, using Newsporins on cats can not be a safe choice.

Studies have shown that Neosporin is relatively effective in dogs to treat Gramnegative and Grampositive bacterias. But cats as being different species are very sensitive to it.

For cats, Neosporin can help prevent and combat infections. It entails speedy recovery like any tropical solution. But the healing can only be performed if the drug stays over the wound for a handsome amount of time.

It is impossible to make them work for Cats being an animal who cleans themselves regularly as an act of self-grooming. You probably cannot stop your cat from licking themselves as they are inhibited to self-licking.

This way the ointment can make its way into their system. As a result of it being ingested by cats, which can cause mild signs of gastrointestinal distress like vomiting and diarrhea.

After some firsthand observations conducted by cat professionals, it is never recommended to apply Neosporin on a cat’s abscess.

Is It Safe To Use Neosporin On Cats?

As cats have an altered glucuronidation pathway, they cannot metabolize the harness of the triple antibiotic if licked internally. Hence they are significantly more sensitive to this class of drug as compared to dogs.

In cats, systemic toxicosis results in clinical signs of hypersalivation, seizures, tachypnea, tremoring, weakness, etc. Vets need to examine the cat to prescribe antidotes depending on their glucose levels and other health conditions.

Can medicines ointments be used on cats?

Some antibiotic ointments that are manufactured to be animal friendly can be used on cats. But that is a step to be followed only after your vet inspects the depth of an injury. Please don’t assess self-diagnosis on your pet.

Remember, even if the ingredients seem pet-friendly subjected to your amateur research. A professional does always understand the animal body better than us.

Worst case scenario- you might even trigger an allergic reaction. Chances may cause a deep end secondary infection that may terminate problems worse.

can i use neosporin on my cat

What Healing Ointment Is Safe For Cats?

You should be paying extreme caution when it comes to your cat’s skin and fur care. You must restrict the medication and ointments prescribed by your vet.

However, an injury can be treated depending on the coat of the wound. Cats with mild feline acne, acute dermatitis, seborrheic or fungal infections can be improved with topical application of madecassoside creams and ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA). But they should serve as emergency relief and must be consulted with your vet.

You can also put inexpensive penicillins or cephalosporins regardless of any side effects for initial therapy. As these are antimicrobial agents that are toxin-free.

What To Put On Cat Wounds To Stop Licking?

If only applying something bitter could curb your cat from licking on. Doubt you can’t stop them from licking and you need not. They are inhibited in a way that it is natural for them to self groom.

Any ointment applied externally is likely to be licked off before it provides any benefit.

So it’s better to leave a mild wound or acne untreated. Applying an ointment will make them more conscious to clean up the sticky coating over their skin.

The ointment will pervade more harm than leaving an untreated scar to self-heal. This is why you should never consider using Neosporin on cats.

If your cat has endured any recent wound and that is daunting your concerns. Then clean that area with water and mild-cat shampoos to avoid infections.

Can I Put Neosporin On My Cat’s Eye?

Cats are biologically very different from humans. Neosporin or any triple agent antibiotics are severely toxic to cats. If they have an eye infection call your vet.

Can I Put Neosporin On My Spayed Cat?

Topical ointments are used externally and do no good to their organs. Putting Neosporin on your cat’s incision will not clean them. They can only cause discomfort and slow the healing of your cat. That is something you want to avoid more than anything.

The ethyl alcohol in the product will cause irritability and might not protect her incision from any infection. The best way to avoid bacteria is to clean them with warm wet towels. You should avoid putting Neosporin on your cat’s spay.

Is Neosporin Toxic To Cats?

Neosporin may react badly in some cats if they are consumed internally. Reactions can be life-threatening in a few cases. The pain reliever contains another fourth ingredient.

neosporin on cats

Apart from the three antibiotic agents, it has a combination of Pramoxine Hydrogen Chloride- a topical analgesic. These four non-branded compounds, labeled in the name of Neosporin may lead to anaphylactic shocks in cats. This is similar to human allergies caused by gluten intolerance.


Can I Provide Any Instant Care For Pain Relief At Home?

If the injury seems manageable like the wound has stopped actively bleeding after a while or a minor cut appeared out of a blue.

You can consider cleaning the area with sterile gauze and antiseptic solutions such as povidone-iodine. Get your cat’s medical records and vaccine reports handy and visit your vet soon.