What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Squeak? Know The Valid Reasons Behind This!

What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Squeak

As a Guinea pig pet parent do you know what does it mean when guinea pigs squeak? Well, squeaking is common in every kind of rodent species.

Guinea pigs make excellent pets. They live for long years and have very different attributes. It is very easy to determine their individual identities. They are extremely fun to play with and are very entertaining. 

Guinea pigs generally squeak much when they are hungry,or wanna grab your attention,when they are scared…..

However, it takes quite some time to adjust and make them get habituated.Guinea pigs squeak for various reasons. Here we will discuss every reason why guinea pigs squeak.  

Understand What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Squeak Loudly?

Squeaking in guinea pigs can mean a variety of things, whether it is apprehension or enthusiasm. They are definitely noisy creatures and are very expressive by nature. 

Their name “guinea pigs” is considered to be a nod to their piercing vocal expressions, which are extremely similar to the squeals of pigs.

What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Squeak

We have made a collection of various noises to better understand what your pet needs when it squeaks. Even though we cannot speak their language, we can still learn about them and even bond with them when they are content. you should also know something about cats behaviour as your cat throwing food but reacting normally.

Top Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Squeak Frequently

Although there are a variety of reasons why your guinea pigs might squeak.

We have figured out a few reasons why your pet might be squeaking they are- 

When they want food- You might be wondering why do guinea pigs squeak so much? It is probably because it is hungry and wants food. They specifically squeak near people when they are hungry.

When they are scared- If your guinea pig is constantly, then it is possible that it is scared of something. Some loud noise or something else might have scared it. If you have more than one it might start squeaking and alerting its other friends about some potential danger.
They might even squeak if they are suffering from pain or have injured themselves somehow. And squeaking is the way to grab your attention to its problems.

When they seek attention- Guinea pigs are very attention-seeking creatures. If it continuously squeaks in your presence then it probably wants your company and attention. In such a case, you can try and play with it.

When it feels trapped- If your guinea pigs keep squealing, it might be because it feels trapped and confusing. It is suggested to let it out for a while in such situations.

When they feel happy- Your guinea pig might be squeaking because they feel happy and overjoyed. Sometimes they might be delighted by your presence in the room and to show love and excitement they start squeaking.
They might even squeak if they are suffering from pain or have injured themselves somehow. And squeaking is the way to grab your attention to its problems.

Guinea Pigs Use A Variety Of Noises To Communicate, Here Are A Few Of Them

You can be thinking what does it mean when guinea pigs squeak? Here are some tips below to better understand how your pet guinea pig is feeling or trying to communicate based on various noises-

What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Squeak

All pets are unique and exhibit different behaviour patterns. Are you interested in reading for pet cats bathe at home .

Your Guinea pig might behave differently than the ways we have mentioned here.

• Chirrup- This sound suggests that it is disturbed for some reason or they just seek attention. You might even hear a chirruping sound when it feels neglected or when you enter the room to grab your attention.

• Chut- This sound is made by guinea pigs to communicate with each other. It shows a degree of contentment around their home surroundings. When they are out exploring other places they often make this noise.

Drrr- When your guinea pig gets startled they start making this noise. It is their version of exclaiming “Wow” or “Ah”. They also make this noise when they are scared.

Scream- They scream when they are frightened or they fight with another animal. Make sure you watch them closely if they are screaming.

• Squeal- Guinea pigs make squealing noises when they experience pain or require attention. In case something is hurting your guinea pig it might be squealing, so be careful when you hear it squealing.

Tweet- Young guinea pigs make tweeting sounds after they are nursed. They do this noise when they are relieved from something.

Wheek- A wheek basically means three major things- desire to let out, food or play. When you feed them with their favourite treats you will hear them wheeking.

How To Figure Out Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him?

Don’t worry about guinea pigs squeak behaviour when you pet them. This is usually their display of affection when they feel comfortable and loved. 

Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak When You Hold Them?

Guinea pigs might squeak when you hold just to show you that they love your company. It is a way of them playing with you. 

The Actual Reason Behind, Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak At Night

Guinea pigs are crepscular, they are most active during dawn and dusk. At night they usually squeak when they are hungry or something is causing them discomfort. 

Some Tips To Take Care Guinea Pigs

• Spot clean your guinea pig’s cage everyday. Make sure to keep it clean and hygenic and doing this will keep pests away from your pet.
• You should keep them away from direct sunlight and preferably keep them in cold and damp places.
• You can provide them with another guinea pig which will give them each other’s company and keep them happy.
• Feed them with healthy and tasty treats which will keep them happy and fit.


1. Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak When They Are Happy?

Guinea pigs usually squeak when they are happy, this is primarily because they want to express that they are comfortable and content. 
They are usually jumpy creatures but when they are relaxed, they do squeak to show their level of happiness.

2. Is A Guinea Pig Happy When It Squeaks?

A guinea pig can be happy for various reasons, being happy is definitely one of them, but it is not always necessary that whenever they squeak they are very happy. 

3. What Does A High Pitched Guinea Pig Squeak Mean?

If your guinea pig is squeaking at the top of its voice then either it is very scared, excited or wants your immediate attention. You need to lookout for these when you hear its high pitched squeaking. 


We hope that in this article we have been able to answer your question what does it mean when guinea pigs squeak. Here we have tried to list all the various reasons and kinds of noises guinea pig makes. 

Not just that we have also provided you with some tips to better take care of your guinea pigs. You can follow them to develop a healthy relationship with your pet guinea pig.

Guinea pigs are excellent pets but they require a lot of care too. This information about their squeaking will definitely help you to have a better understanding of them. 

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