What You Should Consider When Buying Paintings?

If you want to add a wild touch to your interior decoration, tiger paintings are an ideal option. They are trendy, colorful and a representation of strength. You would love the image of majestic felines in their natural habitat of the luxuriant jungle on your wall. Several sizes of tiger canvas available on https://tiger-universe.com/collections/tiger-canvas can make your interior decoration look great.

Besides improving the look of your space, some paintings are valuable. Certain unique and original paintings are worth some money. When you buy such a painting, you are saving your money on the artwork. There are certain indicators you can check to determine whether a painting is valuable or not.

The subject of the painting

A painting may have people or animals. It may be a seascape, landscape, or abstract. The world’s popular paintings are not all about humans. A painting created by a famous artist is likely to be valuable. Your painting may have some value if it is similar to the notable artworks of such artists.

The used medium

The medium used for a painting adds value to the artwork. Paintings with oils on board or canvas are likely to have more value than those created on paper. If you want to give a magic touch to the style of your living room, tiger canvas is an ideal option. The symbol of strength in beautiful colors will enhance your interior decoration.

The frame

Richly carved frames are attractive. If such frames are hand-made by an artist, they will add to the value of the paintings. The frame must match the period a painting was created. As a result, an original frame increases the value of a painting.  You can get tiger canvas with high-quality frames from https://tiger-universe.com/collections/tiger-canvas

Colors used for the painting

Colors influence how humans perceive things and paintings are no exception. Paintings in red sell higher than other colors because red evokes more emotion than other hues. Besides, colors bring out the beauty of a painting. You can use paintings to add colors to your interior decoration and spice up the style of your home.

Size of a painting

Big paintings draw attention. The size of a painting contributes to its “wall power.” In this case, a bigger painting is better. The size makes the artwork more attractive and adds to its value. Do you want people to stop in their tracks and stare at your wall art once they enter your home? Grace your wall with a big and beautiful tiger canvas.

Condition of a painting

When you consider the value of a painting, its condition is crucial. Carefully and closely inspect a painting for damages before you make a purchase. Surface stains, cracks, and tears can make an artwork less valuable. Wear gloves while inspecting a painting to avoid more damage. Make sure that your painting is handled with care after purchase. It may get damaged while in transit.

Famous artist

Find out the artist who created the painting you want to buy. An artwork is likely to be more valuable if the artist is popular. A painting by a renowned artist will sell higher at an auction than others from artists that aren’t notable. However, the less valuable paintings may not look bad or damaged.


Despite how great an imitation is, an original painting from a notable artist is more valuable than its copy. Check your painting to make sure that it is an original creation of an artist. Is there any proof to show that it was created by the claimed artist? Are there stickers or labels from any museum or gallery at its back?

The previous owners of a painting can affect its value. If a painting was owned by an institution or influential individual, it improves the value of the artwork. Is there any painting that has been in your family for years? Find out the artist who created it and its previous owners.  You never can tell, the painting may be worth some money.

Buying a painting from an unknown artist

Have you found a great painting with your desired content and a good fit for your interior decoration? Don’t feel bad if the artwork is from an unknown or new artist. Run a check on the artist to find out if the person has the potential to become famous. Find out previous exhibitions the artist participated in the person’s works that sold at those venues.

Examine the painting to determine its quality. If quality materials were used for its creation, it would last long without depreciating. Also, make sure that the painting is the original work of the artist. Check other paintings by the same artist to know if the individual’s creations are imitations of others. If it is original, find out whether or not the artist’s style has developed.

A look at other paintings of the artist will allow you to figure out if the style is fully developed. If not, wait for other pieces that the artist will create in the future. Add your desired painting to your collections if it is original and of good quality. The painting may become valuable if the artist becomes popular in the future.

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