Is It Okay For bearded dragons to open mouths often?

why do bearded dragons open their mouths

An eastern bearded dragon (Pagano Barbata) is a species of reptile commonly native to Australia and parts of the middle east. There are eight species of bearded dragons depending on their chins and necks.

As the name suggests the bearded dragons are quite adorned with their armor of spiny reptilian scales. The puffy beard of spikes that covers around the chin pervades a hint of aestheticism.

All eight species of bearded dragons recognized today fall under the pet name of beardies. The most popular pet dragons across Europe and the US tend to be tender, enthusiastic, and inquisitive during the daytime.

why do bearded dragons open their mouths

is it normal for bearded dragons to open mouths? or is there is a respiratory fault in their tracks?

the answer is NO, it is a common attribute unique to bearded dragons to open their mouths. Here, is why you need to know what is okay and where to take care when things get uncontrolled.

Bearded Dragons’ Lifespan?

Being a beardy parent is a lifetime commitment as they have a life span of 10-15 years.

Bearded Dragon brumation

Is the behavior of your bearded dragon unwilling to eat enough concerning you? This is likely for you to think that your beardy is sick. Do not get anxious then and observe for a few more days.

Like any cold-blooded mammal, bearded dragons adapt to brumate during winters. They get inactive and disinterested in eating, might act too sluggish on contrary to their active nature. Most bearded dragons do not brumate until they are 10 months. So what do you do?

Most often than not, just let your beard take some rest.

However, if you see your bearded dragon lose weight drastically or are lethargic within a span of a few months or weeks. We will recommend you consult your vet who is specialized in reptiles.

It is always necessary to get the check-ups done to be on the safer side.

How To Build A Breaded Dragon Cage

The reptile may seek refuge in an insulated spot to hibernate. Burrows, caves, planters, and sandpits are great brumation spots for them. But how can you recreate that atmosphere for your pet? Well, I have seen a friend keep her beardy inside his linen closet. That’s no bizarre for beardy parents to do that.

Alternatives include that small H&M cardboards box. It is anyway going to the trash box but will serve as a great eco-friendly resting case for your bearded dragon. Make sure the box is at least 10ft long for your pet dragon to accommodate why do bearded dragons open their mouths.

Otherwise, you can also build a DIY enclosed cage for your beardy. Give your pet a reptile-friendly home in a piece of furniture. All you need is a simple rectangular box- wooden or plastic with a hinged transparent door.

Take the necessary measurements and get your fevicol to assemble all of them right. Within 3 hours you’ll make a cozy home for your bearded dragon. Understand, no science is needed to build a reptile-friendly cage.

Do Bearded Dragons Like Music?

How often have you seen your reptile groove on your music?

studies on brain scanners have shown that reptiles generically respond to music. Most bearded dragons can hear. They respond to a range of 400-1500mhz. So the answer is a YES. You may have also thought that do they have a preference or a mood for music?

are there certain types of sound that they like to hear?

remember your bearded dragon has high intelligence and is very susceptible to sounds and vibrations. Being very sensitive to sounds, they can also have a distinctively personal preference correlating to their mood.

How Do I Understand The Sounds They Tend To Like?

They may like calm and subtle music. Beardies can get easily startled by loud, cumbersome sounds. So better play them softly while you initially introduce music to them. You need to be careful while subjecting your beardy to get along with the intensity. With time and daily habits of listening they get more adaptative towards powerful noises.

What Veggies Does Bearded Dragon Eat?

why do bearded dragons open their mouths

It can be a tedious rollercoaster ride for you to feed your beardy veggies. These guys are considered omnivores and are popular for being low-maintenance pets. Vegetables like sweet potatoes, kale, parsley, and green leafy vegetables can do wonders for their health. They are restricted to a list of very few fruits like figs, watermelons, dates, and papaya.

Blueberries, strawberries, and Raspberries should only be given as a treat to your bready.

Do Bearded Dragons Eat Flies?

They can eat a wide range of live foods from crickets, mice, cockroaches, earthworms, kind words, mealworms to bugs and spiders. It is safe if your pet is instinctively eating them. 75% of the wild bearded dragons mainly thrive on animals for their diet.

But if your beardy is an old chap, you have to limit his meat as it will lead to obesity. After a certain age, a redundant meaty diet can reduce the life expectancy of your bearded dragon. So please take care of that.

How Long Can Bearded Dragons Live Without Food?

Since they belong to a deserted lizard family they are prone to survive in adverse climatic conditions. Adult bearded dragons can go up to 4 months without food if they are brumating.

Young beardy’s need a protein-rich diet to yield growth. Hence they don’t hibernate for the initial 10-12 months.

Do Bearded Dragons Absorb Water Through The Skin?

Well, the answer is NO, bearded dragons don’t absorb water through their skin. This myth has deviated during the shedding process. The fact that they store water droplets through skin pores to encourages bowel movement and hydration is misleading.

They have a lot more interesting ways to get hydrated. While they are in a bath they can drink through their vent if dehydrated. This can make you question why do bearded dragons open mouth such frequently?

When your beardy is being given a bath immersed in a pool of water. It can provide the illusion that the skin is absorbing water but it’s actually the vent.

They can also store some of the water in small raised ridges, often called the scaly bumps on their back. The most convenient and inhibited way for your beardy to drink water is through their tongue.

There is another inhibited instinct for your dragon to drink water through misting. When water gets sprayed on them they pull out their tongue and simply pull in the water inside their mouth that gets sprayed in.

How Much Water Intake Do Bearded Dragons Need Per Day?

The average species of reptile weighs around 300-400 pounds and will need 3-4 ml water consumption per day. This rough estimation will differ depending upon the body size of your bearded dragon.

While growing, if received the proper protein diet they can reach up to 18 ounces once fully grown. So always consult your vet for the hydration mechanisms.

Do Bearded Dragons Open Their Mouth When They Get Happy?

why do bearded dragons open their mouths, Let’s say bearded dragons get happy by opening their mouths? You can spot them basking in happiness by raising their body temperature to 95-110 degrees Fahrenheit.

As cold-blooded mammals, Breadrd dragons are incapable to increase their body temperature. So their body temperature always reflects their surroundings. This means that they struggle to keep themselves warm during the cold and can’t keep themselves cool even when it is hot.

Hence, opening their mouths frequently is a survival tactic these creatures make to maintain their warmth.

This particular behavioral trait often observed in beardy’s is called gaping. Gaping allows them to disseminate excess body temperature.

Since lizards don’t sweat this is an effective medium for them to regulate body temperature.

How Do I know Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy?

Beardies often project their emotions through their moods and why do bearded dragons open their mouths this is the reason too.

So if you find our beardy biting, puffing out their beard, and hissing then perhaps your pet is annoyed.

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What Does It Mean If Your Bearded Dragon Falls Asleep On You?

Bearded dragons being ectotherms, it is general for them to not generate their body heat. Hence they require warmth from an external source.

It means that the creature needs some warmth to keep up with the cold and is in a happy mood.

Signs Of Your Bearded Dragon Is Happy?

If your pet is holding a good mood then it is reflected by it enjoying being around you.

  1. They will crawl up to your shoulder- They will probably make all the gestures to seek your attention. So the next time you have your beardy coming towards you and sleeping on your lap then don’t push it away. place your fingers underneath their chest and lift it. Let it get emersed in your lap and obtain cozy warmth.
  2. There is no sign of stress and aggression while pressing against you. Then your pet is happy. If you are thinking this is how a bearded dragon shows attention, then in your defense this is them showing affection to their pet parent.
  3. They are functioning normally on their everyday essentials- If they are taking their meals, pooping, barking, licking, locomoting, and sleeping then consider their body is doing well. Deterioration in their maintenance of regular habits is a sign of a bad mood.

How Do I Know That My Bearded Dragon Is Too Hot?

Your pet starting to dig or glass surfing may be an indication that your bready is hot. They are attached with their water bows can be a clear sign of them being hot.

If they are seeking shelters in the reptile house too often than usual or at the corners of your room then the pet is experiencing a hot fash.

However, you can regulate their body temperature with the help of a thermostat and thermometer.

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