Mind Blowing Reasons Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens

Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens

It is no secret that the Dogs love to howl with the ongoing siren, but the question arises why do some dogs howl at sirens and some don’t, what is it that compels them to howl upon hearing the siren noise of a firetruck or an ambulance.

There are various theories revolving around the same concept, but the factual truth is nowhere to be found. Well, the speculations are that the answer to the question of why dogs howl when they hear a siren lies in their genetic history.

Why Do Dogs Howl At Emergency Sirens

The Truth Behind the Howling of the Dogs at Emergency Sirens is still unknown and is under research, but there are two possible theories that explain this behaviour in Dogs. The Wolves and Dogs belong to the same family known as Candide. As both Dogs and Wolves share the same ancestors, they also share the same biological behavioural traits. Howling of Dogs could be compared to Howling of the Wolves, which was done for a variety of reasons including letting the pack know their location, when they sense any danger or when they are in emotional distress.

This gives us the theory that maybe dogs sense siren sounds as a sign of danger and howl to let their owners know about that danger or it could also be inferred that Dogs might feel emotional stress from the sound of the ambulance or a firetruck siren.

There is another theory that states that there is no correlation between the emotional distress that is felt by the Dog during a particular period of time and levels of howling. Stating that howling is not necessarily tied to emotional stress. Studies suggest that the reason why Dogs Howl is because they enjoy howling which could be evidenced by noticing how dogs start howling if other dogs are also howling, which leads to the theory that Dogs misinterprets the sound of sirens as the howling of other dogs and start to howl just to join the pack.

Now some of you might be wondering what does it mean when a dog howls? Well for dogs it is just one of the forms of vocal communication that they use to let their pack know their location. Reasons why a dog howls might be to attract attention to itself or to let the pack know the incoming danger.

Why Do Some Dogs Howl At Sirens And Some Don’t?

After understanding why do dogs howl with sirens, some of you might have a question do all dogs howl at the siren or is it some specific breed of the Dogs that does it. Howling at the Siren Of an Ambulance or a Firetruck is not practised by dogs of all breeds.

Boston Terriers to Boxers start howling at fire trucks, ambulances, or police cars when they pass by while Beagles, Coonhounds, Foxhounds, and Bloodhounds, are known for their distinctive howls, that they use only to let their owners know their location. Most of the Nordic Breeds like Malamutes and Huskies howl that siren noises.

The explanation behind it is that as more and more breeds are selectively bred they lost their touch with ancestry hardwired biological behaviour while the Nordic Breeds which are believed to be closer to their wolves’ ancestors are displaying the behaviour that was followed by their ancestors.

Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens

How to Stop Your Dog From Howling at Sirens

After understanding why do dogs howl when they hear a siren the owners of the pets might be interested in knowing how to stop their dog from howling. There could be many reasons why the owners want their pets to Stop Howling at Sirens of Ambulance and FireTrucks, maybe they live in small apartments and their neighbours are getting disturbed by the howling or the owner lives near a hospital and siren noises are frequent throughout the day. Whatever the case might be there are ways to Stop You Dog From Howling at The Sirens

The first method is the Cue and Reward Method. The owners can teach their Dogs “Quiet” commands and reward them for the desired behaviour. It is important to reward the Dog with some rewards to set the behaviour in the right pattern.

It is essential to understand that the owners should not scold their pets when they howl at the Siren. They should understand that it is an instinctive behaviour that is hardwired in their genes. The second thing that the owners should understand is that if they scold their pets when they howl at the Siren, then this could develop fear and anxiety of Siren Noises which could further worsen the situation.

Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens


The article answered the question “why does my dog howls at sirens” of many owners of pet dogs by explaining different reasons and theories about why do dogs howl at sirens and what could be the possible ways that the owner of the dog could use to train the dog to not howl at the ambulance or the fire truck siren.

The owners must understand that it is the dog’s instinctual behaviour to howl at sounds similar to the sirens and it could not be completely turned over with training, it will be a slow process and the owners must embrace it.


1. Do sirens sound hurt dogs’ ears?

Ans: No, there are no studies that support that Siren Noises hurt a dog’s ear. But if your pet is displaying symptoms like running away from the sound, or hiding in a spot where a siren sound is heard, this could signal that your dog’s ears are hurt by Sirens Noise.           

2. Are dogs sad when they howl at sirens?

Ans: To understand the answer to this question the reader must first understand Why do Dogs Howl At Sirens in the first place. There is no scientific study that correlates the sadness of the Dog and the Level of Howling of the Dog, which suggests that there is a relation between sadness and howling of the dog.

3.Why does my dog howl at high pitched noises?

Ans: Many dogs howl at high pitched noises like the noise of the siren of an ambulance or a fire truck or high pitched musical sound in the simulation of another dog’s howling. They think that another dog is howling when they hear these noises and start to howl with them.

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