Why Does Chihuahua Shake?

Why Does Chihuahua Shake?

Chihuahuas make excellent companions and pets. If you are planning on getting one, go for it! And if you already have one, congratulations!

But have you ever wondered why do Chihuahuas keep shivering so much? 

Or have you been worried about your Chihuahua’s excessive shaking? In this piece, we will talk all about it. 

Why does my Chihuahua shake? 

Though Chihuahuas are known to be nervous and shaky dogs, they only shake too much when there is a good reason for it. 

Psychological or emotional reasons cause Chihuahuas to shiver too much. So, if your little darling is shaking too much, monitor his environment and general behaviour.

You can stop your Chihuahua from shaking too much by giving them the care they need. 

Reasons Why Do Chihuahuas Shake So Much

Why Does Chihuahua Shake?

Below are the key reasons that cause Chihuahuas to shake too much. 

  • High Metabolism: 

Since Chihuahuas have a high metabolism rate, they generally shake when they are nervous or excited. Excessive shaking also impacts their ability to regulate their body temperature. Thus, even if you don’t feel cold, your Chihuahua might. 

  • Cold weather conditions: 

No matter the length of your Chihuahua’s hair, they are sensitive to cold weather conditions. Chihuahuas are not big dogs. They have no body fat and a high metabolism rate, all of which make this breed of dog sensitive to cold weather. So, if the weather is too cold, your Chihuahua will surely shiver. Putting a sweater or wrapped blanket on your Chihuahua will help. 

  • Myths about shaking: 

Chihuahuas are known to be nervous dogs; thus, they shiver too much. Even though they are anxious, Chihuahuas are well-tempered and sociable dogs who don’t get intimidated easily. If your Chihuahua is well trained, they will not shake as much and be well behaved like any other breed of dogs unless they are cold or in some stressful situation. 

  • Care: 

It’s essential to train and make your Chihuahua sociable from a young age. Otherwise, your dog might not adjust well to the surroundings and become fearful. Though Chihuahuas have a natural tendency to shake, if they are not appropriately trained, they might tremble uncontrollably. Even though this breed of dogs is small, it’s essential to teach them daily and stimulate them mentally. 

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What should you do? 

Why Does Chihuahua Shake?

If your dog is shivering too much, you can try a few things. 

  • Cover them in a sweater or blanket. You can also use a hoodie or a thick t-shirt
  • If your Chihuahua has got wet in the rain, drying them before letting them in is advisable
  • You can place a space heater a couple of feet away from your dog’s bed. However, never leave it running band unattended
  • Place additional blanket and sheets in your dog’s crate
  • If you are travelling with your dog, hold them close to your chest to provide extra warmth and comfort
  • Use a warmer or thermostat inside your home to make the surroundings more comfortable for your Chihuahua.


It’s natural for your Chihuahua to shake a bit; however, if it gets too aggressive, it’s best to take your baby to a vet and identify the root cause. 

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