Almonds Are Very Nutritious & Lip-Smacking Snacks For Hamsters

Can hamsters eat almonds: Yes! Almonds are very nutritious & lip-smacking snacks for hamsters. But make sure, the almonds must be sweet, natural & unflavoured in taste because bitter & salted almonds are harmful to their health.

A Proper Diet Chart Of Hamster

almonds are very nutritious lip smacking snacks for hamsters

Making a proper & healthy diet plan for a hamster is the most crucial & a little bit complicated part for a pet owner. Therefore, to maintain the health & happiness of your loving pet, it is very important to have the appropriate knowledge of a hamper’s food habits & diet.

Hamsters are omnivores & also herbivores too. It means they are comfortable eating different variety of foods. Such as-

  • Seeds, grains & nuts are rich in fiber, vitamins &.minerals which are good for hamsters.
  • Nuts, especially sweet unflavoured almonds they like to eat in snacks.
  • Commercially made pallets which are a mixture of grains, seeds, nuts & fruits are also available in the market as a hamster’s meal packet.
  • Only seeds & grains intake may cause malnutrition for your pet. A proper protein meal is also essential for their health. Wild hamsters eat small insects, frogs, mealworms,s, etc.  You can also feed your pet with small pieces of cooked chicken 1-2 times a week.
  • A Small Amount of fruit & vegetables is to be given as an occasional treat as these are mostly high in sugar & may cause diabetes in your pet.

All About Almonds

Almonds are the most edible, natural, & nutritious nut in the kingdom of dry fruits & nuts in the world. But, actually, almonds are the seeds of flowers that are botanically connected with the same group of apricots, cherries, peaches & many others.

There are thirty different types of variables are found in the world, among them, only ten types of variables are to undergo for manufacture. Why these tree nuts are so beneficial for health, just have a look at those facts –

  • Almond is a complete package of fiber, protein, vitamins, fats, manganese, and magnesium.
  • These tree nuts provide lots of antioxidants in the body which builds the cells strong & well.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Almond On Health

As we say before, almonds are highly acceptable for its grand nutrients & positive utility for health. Not only in human life; these nuts are very effective on hamsters’ health too if it is given in a specific amount. Here, we sum up some advantages & disadvantages of almonds,


  • Almonds contain fiber & vitamin E which control the digestive system and level of blood sugar.
  •  Magnesium, calcium, protein & zinc prevent bone weakness & build bone density resilient.
  • Almonds control bad cholesterol in the blood & help to reduce the risk of a heart attack.
  • Antioxidants in almonds are also beneficial for fighting cancer.


  • Consumption of too many almonds may upset the stomach and make trouble in the digestive system which may cause constipation.
  • Almonds are a bundle of lots of fats & calories. Therefore, an immense quantity intake of almonds can lead your hamster to obesity.
  • Excess absorption of almonds creates toxins in the body which may even fail the kidney & break down the nervous system.

Let’s Look At The Healthy Wallop Almonds Provide

Among the entire nutritious foodstuffs, almond is always the focus of the nuts chart.

  • Almond is a good snack to reduce hunger & boosts energy in the body.
  • It is a high source of Vitamin E & protein which protects the body cells from any severe diseases like cancer.
  • These nuts have the power to fight against bad cholesterol & increase the good cholesterol in the blood.
  • Limited intake of almonds reduces extra bodyweight & blood sugar, prevent bone damage & improves blood pressure.

How To Properly Feed Your Hamster ​Almonds

Sweet almonds are very healthy snacks for hamsters but it is important to give them in a proper & particular proportion.

  • Almonds can be created a choking hazard. Therefore, it is better to give your hamster a half portion of almonds every day if they are too small.
  • Remove the skin of the nuts while serving them the almond.
  • Hold your hamster affectionately while feeding them or give them treat when you are in front of them. It makes a tight bond between you & your pet and also helps to socialise with them.
  • Syrian hamsters are greater in size than Robo & Dwarf hamsters. Therefore, a Syrian hamster can eat a large number of almonds but a Robo & Dwarf hamster cannot. They can only consume a small bite of almonds in a day.

Almonds And Hamsters

almonds are very nutritious lip smacking snacks for hamsters

Adopting a hamster is not easy at all. A hamster needs a proper diet to survive along with life. Most hamsters generally suffer from obesity, high blood sugar, heart disease & cancer. Therefore, sweet almonds are the best way for hamsters to kick off such difficulties. Almonds are full of nutritional elements like fiber, zinc, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and manganese which are highly beneficial & can nourish the hamsters positively.

The Downside For Hamsters

Besides all the nutritional superiority, almonds are in some cases a little bit dangerous for your hamsters’ health. It is absolutely depending on the quantity that the hamster consumes in a day & is also based on the quality & flavour of the almonds that are critically perilous for their health

The Varieties Of Almonds Are Harmful To Hamster’s Diet

Plain organic almonds are 100% okay for hamsters, but others are not. Because  

  • Salted Almonds-

Salted almonds are made with additional flavor & extra salt to bring a different taste. Though the almonds are tasty for the human tongue, it is unsafe for your pet as these almonds may cause diarrhea, indigestion & dehydration in their body.

  • Bitter Almonds-

Bitter almonds are contained natural toxins commonly known as cyanide. It is a natural poison that can lead your loving hamster to death. Therefore, it will be better to stay your pet away from such kinds of almonds.

  • Fat Content-

Almonds contain a wide amount of fat. If your pet consumes almonds on a regular basis or in an indefinite amount, they might have suffered from obesity & can gain excessive body weight.

  • Choking Hazard-

Choking is proved to be dangerous for a tiny hamster. So, it is suggested to give them a little portion of almonds as a treat & always keep your eyes while they are eating.

Almond Guide

  • Give your hamster sweet & organic almond.
  • Make it confirm that the given portion is very small.
  • Give skin peeled almonds to avoid choking.
  • Stay your pet away from bitter & salted almonds.


1. Are Almonds Poisonous To Hamsters?

Sweet, unflavoured, unsalted & organic almonds are very beneficial food for hamsters. But if the almonds are bitter & salted in taste; it is strictly advised not to feed them as they may be poisonous to your pet’s health.

2. Can Hamsters Eat Plain Almonds?

Yes! Hamsters eat plain, natural, pure organic almonds.

3. What Foods Are Toxic To Hamsters?

Bitter, salted & oily almonds, avocados, raw egg, raw fish, raw meat, raw potato, apple seeds, sugary products like chocolates, processed & junk foods, drinks & alcohol, allium vegetables like onion, garlic, shallots & more, citrus fruits, iceberg lettuce, rhubarb, cat or dog food- all these items firmly prohibited for hamsters. It may cause diarrhea, diabetes, or even may prove fatal for your pet.

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lip smacking snacks for hamsters

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