How Long Do American Bullies Live

How Long Do American Bullies Live Are you one of the American bully fanatics just like us? Well, anyone would be withstanding their super personality and their looks! Being a very famous breed, there are many misconceptions associated with it and especially its lifespan! But this article will clear all your doubts regarding how long American bullies live! American Bullies typically have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

With that being mentioned, if you are planning to have an American bully by your side. Get clear about American bully life expectancy-related questions about it through this article that will act as a complete. So, let’s get right into it!

American Bully Life Expectancy

Knowing the lifespan of a dog before adoption is very important. After all, that dog is going to become your entire life. That being mentioned, having an idea of when to say goodbye prepares your heart that way!

Now, beginning with the most asked question of their lifespan! These dogs live up to 12-13 years! This figure is much lesser than all the lifespans of other dog breeds, which is why this breed is so unique in itself! Originating from America, this newly discovered breed has many subcategories of their sizes, namely

  • Pocket or Micro
  • Standard
  • Classic
  • XL

Besides, it has been observed that Micro Bullies are considered the favorite of all. Thus, let’s know How long do micro bullies live, you ask?

Pocket Or Micro Bullies Life Length

American Bullies Live

Micro or pocket bullies are short American bulldogs as compared to the standard size. Their short yet muscular form is what makes them so liked by everyone! So, wondering how long pocket bullies live? Well, the time ranges from 9 to 11 years!  Although, one can extend this to 13 years provided the fact that the bully is being taken care of just like a baby, given adequate diet and exercises needed for his body!    

It’s quite heartbreaking when you realize that this blessing isn’t last very long like other dogs do! But, in the end, death is inevitable and one day it is going to catch up with your lovely dog. All you can do is to take all the right efforts to maximize their lifestyle as much it’s possible. And, even pinpoint factors that can hamper your dog from achieving that long life expectancy. Wondering how you can do it? First, let’s identify what can cause a shorter lifespan for your dog!

Causes Of Early Death

Just like us humans, dogs too suffer from genetic and deadly diseases resulting in a shorter life expectancy than expected. Down below are some American bully-specific health issues that you should know!

 1. Ichthyosis

Ichthyosis” is a rare skin disorder that tends to happen after a recessive genetic mutation and keeps on aggravating as the dog grows. The skin thickens and pigments itself which reduce the scope for the outer layer of skin to develop any further. If an American bully gets ichthyosis, it’s sad to say that there is no permanent cure for the dog to get rid of it, and can only be temporarily controlled through some medications!

2. Congenital Heart Failure

Your beloved American-origin dog can have a heart attack just like us humans do! In dogs, heart problems leading to Congenital heart failure can harm the operation of the heart in pumping enough blood to transfer to all the body parts! If your pet has recently suffered an injury or accident or has an unhealthy diet with no physical activity, then there are high chances of triggering some heart problems!

3. Hypothyroidism

Metabolism plays a huge role in the working of a dog’s body and when this metabolism slows down due to the thyroid’s issue of not producing enough hormones, it can cause unreasonable weight gain, low energy levels, skin rashes, and even makes the dog more moody and irritating. One good thing is that if diagnosed at the right time and age, it can be cured by providing the appropriate prescription to bring the hormone level of your dog to a stable level!

4. Hip Dysplasia

This problem is one of the most painful experiences a dog can ever go through! Not any skin or eye dysfunction, but it’s a major skeletal issue that can set the hip joint of dogs loose leading to decreased mobility. With time, this joint becomes nonfunctional and the dog experiences extreme pain, stiffness, loss of thigh muscle mass, deterioration in their activities like jumping, walking, and much more!

Our condolences to any dog owner who had to undergo seeing their dog in such pain! These common disorders can become the reason for your lovely bull’s short lifespan! But not if you take proper care to prevent them from catching these bad things, let’s see how!

Maximising Lifespan Of American Bullies

American Bullies Live

It gets really hard to accept the fact that you would have to bid adieu to your American bully dog, who is everyone’s favorite because of his hospitable nature so soon, owing to the short American bully lifespan. This forthcoming isn’t in your control, but what is in your control is how you can supersede this dictated time by taking care of some things. Here’s what you will need to do:

  • Regular Vet Visit

An American Bully dog should be regularly taken to its veterinarian to have them checked out and vaccinated. This regular check-up helps to diagnose if they have caught any disease harmful to them at an early stage. Moreover, in the puppy phase, the dog must visit the veterinarian more than a standard dog does so that there is no delay in getting the dose of vaccinations required at the early stages.

  • Ensuring Healthy Lifestyle

American bully dogs have similar needs for a balanced diet and regular exercise just like you! Feeding them with gassy or fatty foods can add to their improper feeding habits. Hence, provide them with all the food that is nutritious for them from the very start! Additionally, ensuring exercise on a regular basis is important. Take them on a walk, give them training, and make them active!

  • Focus On Soci Aliasing

Interaction plays a huge role in making your American bully more affectionate. Let them live and socialize with other dogs. It’s good for them to have a circle of dogs to enjoy their leisure time to the fullest!

  • Endlessly Love Them

There are endless misconceptions of How Long American Bullies Live being wild, and aggressive but in reality, they are the cutest! Appreciate them by showing love to them, grooming them, taking care of them and protecting them from such misunderstandings, and being their bests friends!

All these little initiatives by you not only maximize their scope of living more but also live their best life till it’s destined for them! American bullies demand your love just like any other breed, henceforth, make the fullest of their short span by creating some beautiful memories!


To summarise, the average life expectancy of an American bully is around 11 to 13 years. Although, this can exceed keeping in mind that they are receiving all the required aid for leading a healthy lifestyle. There will be some obstruction in the form of certain health issues that can make your beloved pet’s life worse but it can be avoided, and now your know-how!

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