Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries? (Sweet Fleshy Red Fruit)

The reply is yes. You can feed strawberries to them. They are advocated by means of experts, however, they can solely eat them in small portions. Good information is that bearded dragons can consume strawberries as soon as or twice a month as berries are safer than most different fruits.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Have Strawberries?

The VCA Hospitals listed strawberries among the pinnacle 5 fruits that bearded dragons can eat. The strawberries are a proper supply of required nutrients— calcium, per se – in contrast to different fruits.
It is best to feed them strawberries each as soon as a month. Though some like to make it an addition to their salad bowl as soon as or twice a week.
However, to be on the safer side, feed strawberries to bearded dragons in small sliced parts as soon as a month.

Strawberries are additionally definitely effortless for dragons to consume on account that they are so gentle and the seeds are too small to pose a choking hazard. You’ll choose to keep away from feeding the stems to your dragon, of course.
Because of these qualities, bearded dragons can have strawberries as a deal as soon as or twice a month or much less frequently, relying on what different fruits are on their feeding schedule.

Let’s understand the Ideal and recommended quantity of strawberries your bearded Dragons can have as per their age group.

  • Full-grown adult: a small, whole strawberry
  • Juvenile: ½ small strawberry
  • Baby: ¼ small strawberry

Benefits Of Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Strawberries.

  • let’s take a seem at some of the health advantages this little fruit has to provide your bearded dragon.
  • They assist to minimize the danger of coronary heart problems, decrease cholesterol, and assist to forestall cancer.
  • Improves Digestion.
  • Like most fruits, strawberries are excessive in water content. They are around 91% water. While ingesting a strawberry isn’t going to be adequate to maintain a lizard hydrated for the day, each drop helps them eat their day-by-day quota.
  • Strawberries incorporate 16 mg of calcium per one hundred g, so they’re by means of no ability packed with it. But it’s nonetheless a little greater closer to their everyday requirement.
  • Calcium is an essential mineral in any bearded dragon’s diet.
  • Unfortunately, inadequate consumption of this nutrient is one of the main reasons for a beardie fitness circumstance known as metabolic bone ailment (MBD).
  • MBD is mainly frequent in youthful (up to two years old) bearded dragons, so it is imperative to reveal their calcium intake.

Nutritional Value Of Strawberries

Values per 100 g of Strawberries

Water90.95 g
Energy32 kcal
Protein0.67 g
Fat0.3 g
Carbohydrates7.68 g
Fiber2 g
Sugar4.89 g
Calcium16 mg
Phosphorus24 mg
Potassium153 mg
Vitamin C58.8 mg
Vitamin A1 µg
Iron0.41 mg
Magnesium13 mg

Antioxidants And Minerals

Magnesium and iron assist keep your beardie’s bone, tissue, and blood healthy.
Your beardie won’t get a great deal of these minerals from a serving of strawberry, however, it is nevertheless contributing to their everyday requirement. Antioxidants do loads of exact in your physique as properly as that of your bearded dragon.

The Importance Of Preparation Before Feeding And Ways To Feed

Oftentimes berries can have chemical substances from pesticides and different sprays on them, which is uncommon in instances that have harmed or killed bearded dragons. So to put it together, usually completely wash your strawberries before feeding them to your beardie, especially if they are no longer organic.

Once the strawberries have been prepped, experience staring at your beardie and devour them! Maybe you can even devour them together.

Ways To Feed Strawberry To Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons will every now and then take little bites out of an entire strawberry, which is normally protected as long as you are supervising. You can additionally chop the strawberry into small portions and location them in your beardie’s meals dish on your own or with veggies or different fruits.

Parts Of Strawberry That Can Bearded Dragon Eat.

  • Pulp.
  • Seeds
  • Leaves

In a nutshell, you can feed strawberries to your dragon as a salad topper or juicy sprinkles to make a boring salad exciting for bearded dragons. The strawberries are an amazing deal for dragons’ internal out. The pinnacle is as nutritious as the pulp. Add it to salads to enhance the dietary cost of the diet.

Should You Conclude Strawberry Jam In Your Bearded Dragon’s Diet?

Do no longer use strawberry jam in their eating regimen as they are packed with preservatives and introduced sugar, which solely makes it worse for consumption.

Concerns When Feeding Your Bearded Dragon Strawberries

• Calcium to phosphorus ratio. Strawberries have a very excessive calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. As in the bearded dragons should…
• Sugar content. Like different fruits strawberries additionally incorporate a prosperous quantity of sugar and this is no longer protected for the bearded dragon.
• Other matters to consider. The difficulty with feeding strawberries to your pet will be that it no longer has as many…
• Conclusion. Thus, you can feed your pet strawberries in small amounts.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries?

It is best to feed them strawberries each and every as soon as a month. Though some like to make it an addition to their salad bowl as soon as or twice a week. However, to be on the safer side, feed strawberries to Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberries? in small sliced parts as soon as a month.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberry Seeds?

If you’ve been hesitant to provide strawberries to your bearded dragon due to the fact of the seeds, you don’t want to worry. The seeds in strawberries are flawlessly safe, and you don’t want to take them out or scrape them off earlier than feeding time.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Yes, bearded dragons can devour strawberry leaves, however solely in moderation. It’s higher than you don’t feed strawberry leaves to your pet beardies

Some Additional Tips.

Although strawberries have quite a few health benefits, there are continual dangers worried about fruit consumption in bearded dragons. That’s why it is endorsed that their weight-reduction plan incorporates solely 5 to 10% of fruits, no greater than that.

Strawberries have excessive stages of sugar. Sugar is accountable for quite a number of fitness troubles such as diarrhea, constipation, digestion issues, dehydration, and obesity. Thus, extended publicity about sugary ingredients needs to be prevented at all costs.
Tooth decay is any other essential chance worried about excessive sugar content. One can seldom locate calcium-rich fruits for bearded dragons. Lack of calcium affects bone illnesses and enamel decay.


Long story short, strawberries are amongst the pinnacle advisable fruits for bearded dragons. Nonetheless, this on my own can’t bypass strawberries as a deal with on a normal groundwork to your beardie. Maintaining the advocated serving of small parts as soon as or twice a month prevents dangers to bearded dragons.

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