Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones Safely?

You had a big feast with your family and ate a plate full of saucy pork ribs along with some cold drinks. Now the meal is over, and all you have is leftovers. You have also cleared the bones, which once had juicy meat filled with flavourful BBQ sauce. At this time, a thought may come to your mind. And we know what you are thinking. 

Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones Safely
Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones

No, we don’t read people’s minds! But you are planning to pass the leftover pork bones to your favorite dog, aren’t you?

We caught you right there! 

If you love your puppy dearly, then you might want to think again before giving it to your dog. 

Yes, we know that you consider them as your family and want to share all the delicious food that you eat with your fur ball. After all, who can resist the soft buttoned eyes of the dog begging for a piece of your food?

Hold off and stop yourself before creating any future problems for your four-legged mates. 

Sometimes, you have to be a good doggy parent and have to learn to say no to your fur baby when it comes to food that is harmful to their health. 

If you are wondering if can dogs eat pork bones, then our response to your query is no! 

If you have given pork chop bones to them in the past, and they are still doing fine, then you aren’t aware of their internal issues.

You should avoid giving them pork chop bones, no matter how cutely they beg you. Our four-legged munchkins’ internal system is different from ours. They cannot eat oily, salty, or fatty food. In this read, we have mentioned why it is important to avoid these bones and not to add them to their diet. 

Are pork rib bones safe for dogs?

It is perfectly fine to give bison bones or raw, big, cow bones to your four-legged friends. But make sure the bone size is big enough so that your playful dog cannot swallow it. 

Also, keep an eye on your dogs after you give them raw bones. 

Some people mostly ask their vets can I give my dog pork bones after I finish up my pork chop? 

Well, our answer is no! 

Now, you might be thinking that if you can give other bones to your furry friends, then what is the problem with pork bones? 

My friend, this one is subject to controversy. Continue reading to find out why it is harmful to your pup’s health. 

One thing we want to make clear to you is that whether you give pork bones to your pup whether cooked or raw, are most likely to crack and splinter when he nibbles on them. Dogs are innocent creatures, so they might even try to swallow small pieces of pork bone. These bones are relatively small, and that could be hazardous for your dog’s health!

It could lead to intestinal blockages, choking, or severe damage to the intestines and esophagus. 

These conditions sound scary, no? 

You don’t want to visit the vet shop regularly with your sick pup in pain, do you? So it is better to avoid giving pork bones to your dogs.

Some pooches try to bite the bones and end up cracking a tooth. If this happens, then you will have to rush to your nearby vet immediately to remove the broken teeth. Don’t act lazy in that situation because cracked teeth wounds can be painful for your pups and cause infections too.

Nobody wants to see their canines in pain, right?

 You might think that it is right to treat your pup, and that there is no harm in it. But think twice before giving it to your four-legged pals! Save the pork bones for yourself for making broth or for some other purposes!

Are rib bones bad for dogs?

can dogs eat pork bones safely

As we said above, the sharp pieces in the pork bones are the biggest threat to your pet. It can damage their esophagus or even puncture it. It is quite painful for them, and if it somehow goes down the throat, then it can cause more damage to the stomach and intestines. 

And do you want to know what happens next to your pups?

We all know that the stomach and intestines contain bacteria, and if an organ is torn, then those bacteria can spill into the abdominal cavity. Thus, your dog will die due to systemic infection.

 If you don’t want that to happen with your dog, then you should take some precautions with rib bones

Just remove pork bones from their diet and feed other raw bones that are salubrious for them. If you and your family have eaten pork chops at night, then dispose of the bones before your notorious dog sets his eye on it.

And if your dog sees you throwing it into a receptacle, then avoid making any eye contact with your dog. Or else you will be attacked by its adorable puppy-eyed stares! Then you might lose the battle and end up giving porkchop bones to them.

What will happen if a dog swallowed a rib bone?

Sometimes, our pups can get quite naughty, and we agree to it. They somehow manage to get their paws on the pork bone and swallow it. And it is too late to snatch it away from them. You must be wondering what you should do in this situation. 

You might panic and dial your vet’s number and ask them my dog ate a porkchop bone: what should I do?

If they still have some part of the pork bone left, then take it away immediately. Then, find out what part of the bone they have swallowed. Even a small part of the bone can be dangerous for your dog. Monitor your pup very closely for any signs of distress or other things like lack of appetite, abnormal bowel movements, excessive drooling, or vomiting.

All these are the symptoms of intestinal blockage. So if you see any of these signs, then keep everything aside and take your pet to the vet immediately. The doctor will handle the things from there and tell you if they need surgery or endoscopy.

In very rare cases, your dog might be able to pass the pork bone through his digestive tract without causing any damage. But it can cause big problems further, so it is best to keep the pork bones out of reach of your four-legged friend.

Final Words

We hope that you understood the harmful effects of porkchop bones on your furry companions. If you are a new pet owner and still confused about what to feed your pups, then ask your veterinarian first. 

We know it is difficult to avoid your baby pet staring towards your dinner table, but you should know the consequences of feeding it to them. So the most reliable way to keep any serious issues at bay is by sticking to a healthy and nutritional diet for your canines. 

Do not forget to share this piece with your friends who are puppy owners or are planning to adopt one.




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