How To Deal With Dog Nails Separated [ Causes & Cures]

As a responsible pet parent, you are required to take the utmost care of your dog. That being said if you are in a situation where your dog’s nail separated from quick, it’s extremely pivotal for you to read through the valuable information coming your way. So, let’s start the healing journey!

Nail Healing Journey

First thing first, for all those who are panicking and don’t know what to do when your dog’s broken nail has been exposed quickly. Don’t worry too much because dog nail bone exposure is a common injury in dogs. Though if left untreated can lead to severe pain and infections.

And if you are completely clueless about the situation wherein the dog’s nail is broken and quickly is exposed, then the first question that must be bothering you is How To Deal With Dog Nails Separated” or in other words what causes these nails to break? Hence, to know the right treatment let’s figure out some factors.

Factors That Lead To Nail Injury

Varied and simple everyday activities performed by dogs can result in dog-ripped nails.

1. Certain Daily Situations

Although the nails of dogs are built to enable digging, at the same time it can also be damaging for their nails if not timely taken care of. Similarly, harsh surfaces like concrete can with time result in the wearing down of the nail and lead them to fragment. The solution is to assure regular clipping of your dog’s nails for removing the damaged ends and to not get easily stuck in obstacles.

2. The Dog’s Age And Size Of The Nail

Apart from certain risky circumstances, even the age of the dog plays a role in dog nail separation from quick, as the older the dog is, the probability of breakage is comparatively high. The size of the nail can be yet another factor, longer than usual nails can lead to breakage as they snag more effortlessly.

3. Careful Trimming Is Essential

Unfortunately, trimming the nails can also lead to nail injury. How? If the nail is trimmed way too close to the quick then it can cause the dog to immediately yelp and probably result in bleeding of the nail

4. Poor Nutritional Diet

Good quality diet contributes towards the overall healthy functioning of a dog’s body, including the paw, which calls for special attention to calcium, responsible for the majority of a nail’s structure. Thus, if deprived of such a rich diet, then it can lead to the splitting of nails.

5. Menacing Microbes

To prevent the unwanted and damaging microbes from affecting your dog’s precious paws, the owner should discreetly clean the paws of their dogs and adhere to regular inspection of them. Moreover, the area where the dog spends most of its time sleeping should be dirt-free and kept clean.

 Bottom line, don’t take any chances with microorganisms as it won’t only harm you but also others living in the house. Now that you know about the factors that can lead to risky nail injury. It is reasonable to worry about the aftermath like “How To Deal With Dog Nails Separated from quick” or “How fast do dog nails grow”

Nail Growth Process

How To Deal With Dog Nails Separated

We know you wouldn’t want to skip the information if there is any chance of regrowth of the dog’s nail. To answer that, here is what you need to know! The nails of dogs tend to grow a lot faster as compared to human nails, it generally takes about 2- 3 weeks for a nail to grow and cover quickly.

A guide is incomplete without the mention of how to be ready for various aspects surrounding the situation at hand. so, here you go

  • Bleeding At The Time Of Injury

Cutting nails way too short can lead to bleeding as you might have cut the vein which can be immensely painful for your dog. And now raising concern for you “Can a dog bleed to death from a broken nail?”

Luckily, a healthy dog will not suffer any fatal consequence from a broken nail although they won’t be able to trust you anymore, and worst, they will have to endure the unbearable ache. So, the safest option is to leave this job to a professional if you are lacking knowledge in properly trimming your dog’s nails.

  • Unusual Home Remedy

This might sound strange to many but super glues for the bleeding nails of a dog can be passed as a helpful home remedy. It has an active ingredient that is quite often used to close surgical wounds.

  • Dog’s Broken Nail Turned Black

Falling off of the nail or when the nail is dead it becomes partially detached and turns black before it completely detaches from the paw, sometimes it can be deemed as a natural process.

  • Removing The Broken Part Of The Nail

In case, a detached nail is left in place, it might lead you to worry, “Will a dog’s broken nail fall off its own” The answer is a “yes” but we will suggest not treating the dire situation so casually. At times, a loosely attached bit of nail can be easily trimmed with the help of clippers at home. With that, let’s check out the right way!

How To Bandage A Dog’s Quick”?

The best thing you can do is to wrap the injured foot in a towel and proceed to the vet clinic. And in response when the broken dew claw is quickly exposed leads to bleeding or the worry of contamination in the area where quick is exposed. This work should generally be handled by the vet for better and healthy results.

The veterinarian will begin by applying antibiotic powder or ointment. You can also expect the veterinarian to provide your dog with an injectable or an oral antibiotic. Moving forward, for those who are still in search of certain answers to their doubts, you might want to get a quick read of the FAQ below

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I Take My Dog To The Vet For A Split Nail?
Ans: If signs of infection like constant bleeding, swelling, or oozing from toenails are perceptible then it’s time to immediately visit the vet.

Q2. How Long Does It Take For A Dog’s Nail To Heal?
Ans: Total recovery of the nail will take some time, as it requires to re-grow covering the exposed quickly, entirely. Moreover, a How To Deal With Dog Nails Separated from Quick depends on the pace of the nail’s growth, the length to which Quick was cut, and also their nutritional status.

Q3. Can A Dog’s Broken Nail Heal On Its Own?
Ans: Leaving a broken nail to heal on its own is not recommended as it can consistent irritation and the possibility of repeated breaking.

Q4. How Do I Stop My Dog’s Nails From Splitting?
Ans: A nutritious diet, keeping the paw of your dog clean, and making sure that the nails aren’t overgrown can prevent the nails of your dog from splitting.

To Wrap Up

You can guarantee prevention from these devastating situations by keeping the toenails of your dog short, providing them with a healthy diet, and keeping their paws hygienic. Furthermore, seeking help from a proficient dog groomer when in need.  Such measurements will permit a healthy and safer life for your dog.

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