The Easiest Dog To Train

There are many different breeds of dog and finding the easiest dog to train for you or your family can be a difficult choice as there are various different areas and problems to consider.  This post should help you decide on finding the easiest dog to train by listing the dogs with the very best training abilities.

There are no guarantees about which dog breeds are the easiest to train as many will behave in certain ways and there will always be exceptions in every breed of dog just like there are differences between us humans.  

But there are many characteristics that you can look out for when finding the easiest dog to train, here are some of the top dogs in reverse order of how easy they are to train and how quickly they pick up different tasks and activities.

Border Collie

The border collie is not as trainer-friendly as some of the breeds below but is a very hard-working dog with lots of affection and bundles of energy.  The border collie enjoys challenges and challenging training schedules.  If you cannot spare at least an hour of intense exercise and recreation with this breed each day then this might not be the easiest dog to train for you.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Easiest Dog to Train

The Australian cattle dog is yet another of our easiest dogs to train choice as they are quick to learn new tricks due to their passion for learning, although they are not so good with other pets and may be a bad choice if other pets are in and around your home.


The Easiest Dog to Train

Sheepdogs are renowned for being excellent well behaved training dogs on places such as farms and holdings. Although good and faithful to owners, these dogs don’t take so well to other people with who they are not familiar, if you have many visitors to your home it may not be an ideal choice of breed.

German Shepherd

The Easiest Dog to Train

This is again a dog with a very high drive to learn new things and explore things further but is not as friendly as our no.1 spot of the easiest dog to train below.  The German Shepherd is also not as energetic either but is a very good protector of its family and home.

Labrador Retriever

The Easiest Dog to Train

This has to come in at the top of our easiest dog-to-train list.  The Labrador retriever is a very affectionate dog that takes well to unknown strangers, is very friendly, versatile, and perhaps the best choice of the dog if you want a dog that is quick to learn and also has the personality to back it up.  Don’t forget these dogs are used to guide the blind, so they are both highly trustworthy, gentle, and intelligent.

There are many other dog breeds around, and you may prefer other training breeds so before getting a dog be sure to explore all aspects to make sure the chosen dog is correct for you.  Even mixed dog breeds can offer a variety of easy training possibilities.

But you will notice something from the above list, in that all of these dogs are also classed as working dogs so they are all bred to be trained to a high level in carrying out responsible work duties, so this makes the

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