A Complete Pet Guide: Are Huskies Good With Cats

The Dog Said Bow-Bow! Cat Said Meow!

It is true, a friendship like theirs has no language!

As we all know, cats and dogs are the most popular companion animals today. Many people are dying to bring both to their homes. It makes the question: Are Siberian huskies good with cats?

Read on this blog to find out are huskies good with cats or not, and learn many more things, which one should know before keeping both of them under one roof.

Most Common Reasons To Why Are Siberian Huskies Not Good With Cats

a complete pet guide are huskies good with cats

Are you a cat owner and want to adopt a husky? You have watched so many husky and cat videos on the internet, and now you are dying to get one. Then you must be wondering, “Do huskies get along with cats?”

Then here you will find the answers to questions like Are Husky friendly with cats or not

1. Prey Instinct

In olden times, huskies were sled dogs who could even survive in the harsh cold conditions of the north. As food was scarce in Alaska and Siberia, they would even attack small animals to fill their stomachs.

Other sources say, huskies were bred by Siberia’s Chukchi indigenous tribal people, and that is where the Siberian husky name comes from. The Siberian husky has always played his role as the canine hunting partner for its breed as well.

These people needed their dogs to help them with hunting as well as transportation. If they did not have this breed, they would not be able to hunt their prey and eat.

So the Siberian husky was bred to have prey-type animals. Though this breed is not used for hunting now, their instincts are still there. So this is the reason why a husky can harm your cat.

2. Chase/Run Instinct

Another reason why aren’t huskies good with cats is that a husky has a run-and-chase instinct to small and fast-moving animals. Seriously, this breed just lives to chase and run.

This instinctive drive is fit to their core or you can say that it is in their blood. In fact, the biggest fear of husky owners is that their pets might escape their backyard and start running, and they would never stop. 

Weird, right?

If we combine the chase drive with prey instinct, any small animal that crosses paths with a Siberian husky could end up in a life-threatening situation.

So, just imagine the danger you put your cat in when you bring a husky and a cat in the same room!

3. Independent And Stubborn

The third big reason why cats and huskies don’t get along is that they are notoriously stubborn and independent in many ways. Here again, the reason for this is not because they are not people-oriented or because they are dumb. But these dogs have been bred to work and think independently of their kind.

And many times, they have to decide in split seconds how to catch their prey or which direction they should run. While making that choice, they do not have much time to look for guidance from their owners.

Thus, these dogs don’t have much genetic programming to sit and comprehend why wouldn’t their human parent want them to run behind a kitten which looks like a meal. So bringing a husky into a family, which already has a cat can be very fatal to the cat breed. Still don’t believe us?

Then read out all the owners’ observations and experience why huskies and cats do not get well together in the next segment.

Huskies & Cats, According To Owners

a complete pet guide are huskies good with cats

Huskies chasing cats all the time depends on various situations. With that being said, we have researched the views of real pet parents of both, a Siberian husky and a cat, and shared their answers on do huskies like cats or not.

Here Is What Our Survey Found:

  • One owner shared that her husky goes into full prey mode and tries to chase her little guy. She advised other husky owners to put their puppets in their dog park when there are unknown cat pets present in the room.
  • Other pet parents revealed that her cat and dog both chase each other. She also said that her cat dislikes her dog, and sometimes, they ignore each other.
  • Another owner shared that his three cats and husky couldn’t tolerate each other. The first cat took two weeks to get used to the husky, while the other one took over a year. And his third cat still gets scared in the husky’s presence.
  • One owner noticed that when her husky was a pup, he always used to vibrate when the cat was present in the room. Now, they get along together because her dog started with a cat as a puppy.
  • The owner has mixed feelings about her two pet huskies. The first one gets around with any cat but the other one will kill anything smaller than him, which is bunnies, frogs, toads, birds, and mice. So he never lets his husky near any cat.
  • The next owner had a positive response when she said that her two-year-old husky loves to be around the cat. They also play with each other in a non-aggressive way. In the beginning, she started with a small interaction and increased it over time. But she makes sure that her dog is always on the leash.
  • One pet owner said that it took a lot of time for her husky and cat to get along. She encouraged the process to take a while and try to keep them in front of each other in a protected condition (tying the dog) so, they get to know each other. Some pets may not become best friends but they will learn to coexist together eventually. 
  • One dog owner was curious to know “Do cat thinks it’s a husky?” Because he has three huskies, and things changed after a kitten entered their family. Now the cat is fully grown up and acts as if she is the leader of the pack.

Did you like the cat and dog owners’ responses? Now, we know that you are dying to learn about raising a husky puppy with cats.

Aren’t you?

Then, in the next section, we will learn How to train huskies to stay with pet cats.

6 Tips To Add A Husky To Your Family If You Have Cats

Husky’s prey instincts are impossible to forget, but everything is possible with the help of proper training. This breed is said to be the kindest one towards other dogs and humans so, it can do the same thing around cats as well, no?

So yes, it is possible to suppress their hunting and killing instincts with the help of obedience training and socialization. If they are raised along with the cats, then they might become playmates or live in peace in the future with the help of proper techniques.

Just like getting trained to fetch or sit, they can now thrive with any small animals. 

Let’s find out!

1. Bring Them Home Together

Did you know that just like us, animals are also good at marking their territories? A cat loves his own space and cuddles with his owner but dislikes when a husky intrudes.

Moreover, it is tough to train an adult husky to befriend a newly adopted cat. And as the saying goes: “Old dogs can’t learn new tricks.”

Therefore, bring a husky pup and kitty home at the same time.

2. Train Them To Co-Exist

After adopting both babies together, it is time to train them to keep their pawns away from each other. Don’t put them together and assume they will begin hugging. 

At the beginning of the training, let them loose and see how they reach each other. You can also restrain them with a leash or cage the puppy to see their reactions. 

Let them be comfortable in each other’s presence without any leash, and distract both of them with a soft toy and see how they behave. Doing so will make them understand that both are harmless and build their bond stronger.

3. Husky In A Crate First

Putting a husky in a crate is the safest thing you can do for your cat while you are busy or if they are meeting for the first time. If you don’t have a crate, then you place your kitten in a carrier and put it in a spot where your dog cannot reach it.

4. Exercise Your Husky 

Your husky will get frustrated if you put them on a leash all day. Take them for a walk or a jog daily to release the energy. This way your pupper will be less hyper and won’t act aggressively around your cat.

You can also put the husky in a playtime let it play continuously for at least two hours. There are various mental and physical activities like fetching, squeaky toys, or a roll of wool.

5. Keep Your Husky Well-Fed

If you don’t give enough food to your pet, he will look for other alternatives in your home. And if the cat is within his reach, he will look at her as a snack.

So make sure to give them food as per their size and age. Also, feed your dogs and cats separately to avoid a world war over food.

6. Give The Cat An Escape Route

The best thing to do here is to put your dog on a leash or create small tunnels or platforms for them to climb or crawl into without getting injured.

Frequently Asked Questions

By Cat And Dog Parents

1. What Breed Of Dog Hates Cats The Most?

There is no one particular breed that dislikes cats but there are many, which see even a tiny cat as prey. The dog breeds which are prone to attacking or chasing cats are American Pit Bull Terriers, 

Scottish Deerhound, Jack Russel Terrier, Greyhound, Yorkshire Terrier, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Bedlington Terrier, Manchester Terrier, Weimaraner, Smooth Fox Terrier, Beagle, Pharaoh Hound, Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, Irish Wolfhound, Australian Cattle Dog, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Afghan Hound, and Schipperke.

2. Can you Raise A Husky Puppy With A Cat? 

Yes, you can! If you train your dog on how to be around cats since they are 2 or three weeks old, they will surely become best friends one day. However, you will have to keep an eye on your pooch as they grow older and reach their adult stage because they are the most active in that period, and that is also when the preying instincts on tiny animals kick in.

If you want your pet dog to hang out with the cat, always make sure to tire out your buddy with games before letting him interact with your feline mate. Also, make sure to give both of them equal attention because pets tend to get jealous easily.

3. Do Huskies Eat Cats?

Our answer is no! Not all Siberian husky breeds prey attack and kill cats. But if they are wild or you have brought a husky home that is 2 to 6 months old, then there are high chances of your dog attacking and killing your cat. Most of the time, killing and eating a cat depends on the husky’s training, the cat’s behavior, and the environment they grow up in.

4. Are Pomsky Good With Cats?

Yes, pomsky is good with cats but only under certain specific conditions. If you introduce both pets properly from the start, then both will get along very well. But there are high chances of this breed inheriting an instinct and a strong prey drive from the husky parent dog.

Thus, this can put your cat or kitten in danger. If you want to be on the safer side, do not get a pomsky if you already have a cat at home. But if you are a parent of both of them, then don’t assume quickly both will get along.

After months and years of supervision, unless and until you feel confident, do not leave them alone or do not let them interact if they get tense seeing each other.

5. What Are The Names Of Cats That Look Like Huskies?

Well, there is one cat breed that shares the first name huskies, and it is a Siberian cat. This breed is also known as Siberian Forest Cat.

Summing Up

We hope that reading our article “Do huskies get along with cats?” was informative to you. If you either own a cat or dog, do not adopt the other animal as it might take them ages to become friends. We have also shared a list of dog breeds to be very careful of when you bring them home to a cat. They will socialize eventually but do not leave them together alone in a room.

Sometimes, huskies can cause injury to cats while playing even if they do not mean to. So follow the tips mentioned by our readers to create a secure environment for your cats. Lastly, we hope that you enjoyed reading this detailed article. Also, stay tuned for more dog and cat-related entertaining and informative blogs.

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