Why Does My Cat Lick My Feet— And Other Questions Regarding Cats

Cats are mysterious animals, to say the least. From spacing out on the windowsill to parading around the house at odd hours, the actions of cats seldom are comprehensible to us. But just because we can’t understand them doesn’t mean that their activities hold no meaning. Cats are wild animals by nature.

While some of their activities may come out as awkward or strange, they could be something crucial to the cats. Also, since cats can’t talk to us, we have to pay attention to their body language to understand the needs of a cat. A responsible pet owner has to be understanding of their cat’s ways of communication through its actions. 

That is why we have collected a few common concerns of cat owners and answered them so that you can start to understand and know your cat. From what it means when a cat licks you to why cats lick themselves, we have decoded various questions that puzzle our readers.

We hope readers leave this article with a deeper understanding of their cats, which will lead to a closer relationship between them.   

Why Does My Cat Lick My Feet

Cats are by nature curious animals. There are many sensations playing inside the cat’s head—smell, sound, sight, etc. Cats generally approach anything that catches their eye. Your feet are usually the most frequent body part which they see when you are standing or walking. Hence, they are obviously convenient for the cat to interact with.

Moreover, they are attracted by the smell (of sweat) and hence they lick to ascertain the source of the smell. If a cat weirdly gets to like that taste, it would lick your feet every chance it gets. If that becomes a problem, try to train it to not do so. So, next time you have a question like why does my cat lick me or why does my kitten lick me or why does my cat lick my feet, remember this simple answer. It’s just curious!

When Cats Lick You After A Shower

Cats are attentive animals. While we are the owners and we care for them, the same goes for the cats. It is a scientifically proven fact that adult cats tend to see us as our kittens and hence, they groom us by licking. A lot of a cat’s life includes a discipline of cleanliness as they lick their fur.

They do it to keep off pesky insects or lice as well as to wipe off accumulated dust. Cats also dry themselves by licking themselves. This is probably why when you are done with your shower, they lick your feet. Next time you are wondering why cats lick you or you have the question why does my cat lick my feet after a shower, remember that it is only grooming you, and thank it for the kindness.

Why Cats Lick You Underarm

Ever happened that your cat licked your underarm? It’s quite normal that the question rises in your head-  why do cats lick you underarm? Don’t worry. The reason behind it is quite simple. Cats have an affinity for salts. Our armpits are usually the sweatiest part of our body and hence might taste salty to our feline friends. 

Why Do Cats Lick And Then Bite 

Cats can’t speak to us. So, they do things to express their affection to you. If you are wondering why my cat licks me and then bites me then no need to overthink it. They are simply doing so to show their love to you or demand attention. Similarly, if you are worrying over why my cat licks my feet, then it could be because of the same reason. When encountering such behavior, pat or rub your cat or play with them. Make them feel loved. 

Why Is My Cat Licking Its Feet Intensely

You may wake up one morning to find your cat busy licking its feet in all seriousness and wonder why does my cat intensely lick her feet. Cats are strict clean freaks. They love to stay clean and hence commit to their regular habit of licking every reachable body part to keep themselves spotless. This is why, and also if you may be wondering why my cat licks my feet, they lick their feet. They are grooming themselves and you.

Why Do Cats Lick Themselves When They Get Petted

Why Does My Cat Lick My Feet

Cats are very nitpicky about staying clean. While your intention to pet her isn’t anything harmful, the cat may see it as an external source of dirt getting on its fur. That’s why cats instinctively get to licking the spot you scratched or petted. Next time you wonder

why do cats lick themselves when you scratch their back, just understand that it just wants to stay tidy. 

Other reasons could be that the scratch triggered an itchy spot and it just licks itself to get rid of the itch. Another reason is mutual grooming. They are simply licking the same spot you are scratching to show love just like when they lick you out of nowhere.

Why Do Cats Lick Themselves While Playing

Cats are usually active animals and move around a lot. This causes certain hormones to be released which is a natural process of the body. Licking is the resting phase of a cat. Hence, whenever it feels too excited or overworked after a good play session or stroll around the house, it will sit back and lick itself to relax. It’s sort of like catching a breath for the cats. So whenever you encounter this behavior and wonder 

why do cats lick themselves while playing, just let it be. Providing some water and snacks will always be appreciated by your cat.

Why Do Cats Lick Themselves After Eating

Cats are wild by nature and have still retained some of their wild-habitat traits even after being domesticated. Some of these traits include nocturnal activity, hunting smaller prey, good reflex, etc. Licking themselves after a meal is also one of these habits of the wild.

They lick themselves to wipe the smell of the food off to ward off larger predators. The next time you see your cat doing it and you are wondering why cats lick themselves after eating you know the answer.

Why Is My Cat Licking The Concrete Wall?

Why Does My Cat Lick My Feet

Cats may lick the wall for a number of reasons, from seeking moisture to simply because it tastes good to them. Other reasons may be stress or boredom. So when you are confused as to why is your cat licking walls, just try to determine the reason and then accordingly change its surroundings or things. 

Why Are Cats Tongues Rough

Cat owners have to deal with a lot. One of the most frequent of those things is a lick. But this question should be on every cat owner’s mind: why are cats’ tongues rough?

Well, the simple answer is- for many purposes. 

Cats tongues have the rough texture of sandpaper due to the ‘papillae’ that run through them in a backward position. Cats have a lot of advantages with this orientation of their tongue. They can scratch out meat more easily while eating. Drinking water takes less effort. And most importantly, their tongue acts as a brush which helps them to groom themselves.

This may also answer your question about why my cat licks my feet and why it feels so rough.

How To Stop Cats Licking Their Fur Off From Overgrooming

While it’s normal for a cat to indulge in grooming itself, it might be a thing of concern if it is doing so excessively.  It could be doing so because of some kind of stress.

Grooming nonstop may affect its daily activities like eating, playing, and sleeping which might only add to the existing stress. So before knowing how to stop a cat from licking its fur off let us know what causes it.

There are a variety of factors that lead to a cat overgrooming due to stress.  Some are:

  • Owner away from home for a long time
  • New surroundings
  • New pets or unfamiliar guests
  • Unhealthy environment for the cat
  • Lack of peace at home

Now the ways to stop a cat’s stress so that it may stop overgrooming itself are:

  • Spend time with your cats, give them enough attention
  • Try to familiarize the cat with new places 
  • Introduce the guests to it, and try things that may bring the two pets closer
  • Try to keep your place spacious and healthy for the cat
  • Always provide at least a quiet corner for the cat

If the above steps don’t help, take your cat to the vet. The vet may check the cat and give the required medicine to bring down the stress of the cat. Follow the instructions of the vet at home to ensure your cat doesn’t get stressed.

We hope this article has covered the crucial curiosities of a cat owner like why my cat lick my feet and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: why does my cat lick my feet?

Ans: The cat might be licking you to show affection or groom you. If you don’t pay attention to it, it could be demanding. Or it just might be tasting your sweat.

Q2: Should I let my cat lick me?

Ans: While usual places like hands or face or feet are okay, you shouldn’t let it lick you on the mouth or nose or eyes as the bacteria it picked might get transferred to you.

Q3: Why is my cat licking the concrete wall?

Ans: Cats might be licking a wall for many reasons. Some are taste, curiosity, moisture, coldness, stress, boredom, etc.

Q4: Why do cats lick your underarm?

Ans: The cats lick your underarm because of the smell as well as the salt in your sweat.

Q5: why are cat’s tongues rough?

Ans: A cat’s tongue is rough because of tiny backward projections on it called papillae.

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