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  • Brussels sprouts contain a number of beneficial nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, fiber, and potassium which makes them a perfect addition to every diet.
  • They are available in many different varieties, including red, purple, and green.
  • The purple Brussels sprouts are the most colorful of the bunch.

Considering the aforementioned mention, we know the quick expression of shocking eyes, is sprout dog food?

And if it is, is it a good question for your dog? So, let’s check the details here!

Are Brussels sprouts good for dogs?

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Brussels sprouts are a great addition to a dog’s diet. Brussels sprouts contain an amino acid called glucosinolates which is essential for dogs. The amino acid is found in many dog foods. These glucosinolates help regulate immune system function.

It contains antioxidant nutrients. Along with preventing the oxidation of sugars, this allows them to provide antioxidant protection for the dog. This protection helps prevent the formation of inflammatory molecules that may be detrimental to dogs.

How Much Can Dogs Eat?

Adult Brussels sprouts are around about the same size as your dog. Brussels sprouts are high in protein which helps your dog to get plenty of good nutrition.

To make it tastier for your pet, you can cook Brussels sprouts in gravy or it can also be given in the form of chips.

Does Brussel Sprouts cause gas?

can dogs eat pork bones safely

If your dog experiences gas after eating Brussels sprouts, there is no reason to panic. There is no need to stop feeding your pup Brussels sprouts. Gas is a common problem in dogs, especially puppies and very young dogs.

Sometimes, a dog may throw up a lot of food or vomit. So, if your dog throws up gas after eating Brussels sprouts, it is more likely that this is because of the large amount of Brussels sprouts that the dog has eaten and it is because of specific bacteria that produces gas.

Most dogs will develop gas after eating a lot of Brussels sprouts. A healthy dog will do this by overeating Brussels sprouts and then doing an elongated, sluggish burp. A dog that is sick or overweight may be more likely to pass gas because of the large number of Brussels sprouts. A dog can become overweight by eating more than a normal portion of Brussels sprouts.

If your dog has gas after eating Brussels sprouts, and it lasts for a few days, the most likely culprit is dietary indiscretion rather than a specific bacteria that produces gas.

Brussels sprouts side effects for dogs

There are some side effects that you can see in your dog after giving them Brussels sprouts.

  • Brussels sprouts can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and an upset stomach.
  • Some pets have even had fits and passed out from eating the plant.
  • If you’re a raw food enthusiast or a vegetarian, you should be aware that raw Brussels sprouts will affect you in a similar way.

Raw sprouts contain a kind of enzyme called foamy acid synthase (FAS) and, FAS is a type of enzyme that dogs and cats with impaired digestive systems can’t digest. Animals are like humans. They feel the same as you and we do. As we don’t want to eat something that can be the reason for our illness, we also don’t want to eat something that is going to make us ill.

If you feed your dog or cat-cooked Brussels sprouts, they are safe to eat. In general, they’re a very good source of iron.

Did You Know?

There are many dogs that have joint problems and osteoarthritis as a result of eating vegetables. These dogs are often given supplements to improve the diet they are on.

As per some expert knowledge, dogs can eat vegetables and many can be great tasting to your dog. Just keep in mind that your dog will need to get nutrients from a variety of food sources, and not just vegetables. There are other foods such as meat, eggs, and fish that your dog can eat as well.


Brussels sprouts or Chantenay sprouts are a type of bitter-tasting veggie. The animals’ teeth are too small to have any real impact, and you don’t usually see them in people. Brussels sprouts are an acquired taste for many, and the taste is not really improved by adding the sprouts to a hot dog or other food. The sprouts are said to relieve the dog’s allergies and can be used as bone filler.

You should also note that before giving anything new to your pet, get advice from your veterinarian so that it does not cause any harm to your pet. 

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